Strida 3.2 with frame cracks

My Strida 3.2 purchased in 2008 has several cracks. I’m not so fat (80 kg) and I ride carefully.

This is the other side:

Well you should obviously stop riding it and contact your dealer to see if there is anything he can do.

I did that. They said that maybe they can get a new front bar but as it has the same design I’m not sure this is a good idea.

Did you also notice wear at the rear joint?
(I mean the area below bolt 373,
maybe you can tell me also if there are two or three washers below the hex head?)

Not really, the handlebar is worse as I use to hit it to unlock the bike.

I’d say that I have 3 washers.

Thanks for the pic!

Here we’ve discussed the subject, but without a clear result.
Could it be that you didn’t close the locking lever before hitting?
Maybe its recommendable not to prefer (or get used) to use the same bar side each time?

Sure, the thickness alone is telling everything :smiley:

No, the locking lever was closed and it didn’t improve tightening the screw.