Folding handlebars loose when lever is tightened-Right only

Hi all

Wondering if any of you guys out there can help, not sure if it is a major problem that cannot be fixed, the right hand bar on my Strida 5 feels loose when clamped into position, you can actually wiggle it, i am still riding it, and it stays on ok, but still feels unsafe.

Its also started to wear out the surrounding around the pin that you have to push to release the handle.

Is it just a case of tightening the clamp, or is it new handlebars etc. etc.??? :cry:


I don’t have an answer for you, nindyz, but I have the same issue! Right handle bar only. I had it on my last Strida 5.2 as well. Very odd. Could it be something to do with right-handers putting more weight on it?

I was thinking exactly the same, could it be a design issue, or are we just heavy handed?
Is it only me and you StridaD???

Sorry for asking the obvious. Have you tried tightening the clamp?

That is a point which I expressed in my original question, but the fact is that the left one is tight and doesn’t move, only the right one, can’t be right, has the right handle bar shrunk LOL!

My situation is opposite to yours. The left handlebar of all my Stridas have become loose because I always open/unfold the bikes by tapping the left handlebar.
The only solution for that issue is to tighten the screw of the quick-release clamp. :wink:


I don’t have this problem by now, but I tried to simulate it by loosening the handlebar clamp a bit.

Very interesting effect: Both of my Stridas show clearly tendency for getting loose the LEFT handlebar!
I am right-handed and used to open my Stridas tapping the right AND the left bar alternately (by chance, maybe preferred left).

Has anybody tried to mount another set of handlebars?

Hi all
Problem fixed (bodged maybe) by tightening the clamp on the handlebars.
Hooray! Back on my strida , ready for my five mile ride on a dual carriageway ! :open_mouth:

Sorted by the sounds of it :smiley:

I found this, and just a 1/4 turn of the QR screw (with T wrench provided) fixed it.
I guess all QR screws are like this - as they are clamping & un-clamping several times a week - they occasionally need to be tightened.

Out of curiosity: You are left or right handed, dear Amuro?

I am right handed but I always mount, dismount, fold and unfold the Strida on the left hand side just like Mark Sanders. :mrgreen:

To add another observation: I noticed at some point that my loose right handlebar was due to the fact that the metal around the hole where the locking button slides in had curled back a bit on the bottom corner. So even with a tight clamp, there was still some play. I think I took a plumber’s wrench to it (with some cloth to protect the paint work) and bent the metal back into place. Don’t know why this happened in the first place though, or only on the right-hand side.

same here StridaD, the metal seems to have worn away :confused: :frowning:

I also have this issue.

The handle bar of my very used Stida 3.3 was loose when clamped. I wrapped a bit of electrical tape around the section of the handlebar tube that fit inside the clamp. That fixed it. I suggest you attend to it as it has worn down the actual clamp on my strida and now the handlebar falls out of the clamp when it is folded for storage.

Hi All,
I’ve just bought my new Strida5 a couple of days ago. I folded it and kept in the storage. Today, I wanted to cycle but noticed that right handle completely was uninstalled although left one looked normal. I mean it right handlebar is out from screw slot. I did not understand how it could be. As I remember, I folded it correctly…Do you that how it can be fixed?
I read the manual ( … 202008.pdf) but did not get any clue.
Your response is most appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

The manual is not very clear as to how to install the handle bars, the info that comes with the optional bent handle bars has some hints, I don’t have it with me to quote, but installing the handle bars it says to loosen the bolt at the lever and push the handle bars at an angle with a twisting motion. I have done this very carefully and with patience. Also the pin that goes through the handle bar can be adjusted to make it even on either side of the bar with pressure. I did this a while ago to try the bent handle bars on for size. Has any one noticed these handle bars? … =1&theater

Yay! I did it :slight_smile:) I took a deep breath first, then put the handlebar slowly place into its screw slot Great! thank you.
The handle bar in the picture is so cool.

Hello wisealpha,

fine that you could solve the problem, welcome!

Guess Bill meant the Bended handle bar manual.pdf
…steps 5 to 8 might be helpful.

Included in some bended steer kit versions there is also a text sheet “Instructions Bended Steer”:

Points 2.) - 6.) can be skipped in your case…

@Bill: Many thanks for the steering link :mrgreen: