Strida 2010 tidbits

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“The LT (for light) will be offered in black or silver, with molded black rims, a less costly saddle and a nylon (rather than cnc’d) bottom bracket.”

“the SX & Duo will also come standard with the new Strida quick release saddle adjustment system … e-for.html

In this Strida LT’s rear wheel photo from a Taiwanese owner, you can see the new frame design: … LB8FY0wcqD

The belt snubber bearing has been moved from behind the freewheel to under. This should improve its belt slip stopping ability, and also make the freewheel less exposed to the elements (dust, water, etc.). So far the redesign is on Strida LT only, but I suspect that it will be used on the 2010 5.x after the old stock runs out.

I bet that rules out backward compatibility with Strida3 drum brakes.

Ouch! that link doesn’t seem to work. :cry:

If the direct image link doesn’t work for you, try accessing the webpage instead:

Photos of various Strida 2010 improvements from Taiwan:

Quick release saddle height adjustment system … d65b88.jpg

Handlebar easy release button (larger and uglier) … 3a5455.jpg

Mudguard for 18" wheel (finally) … 7e3248.jpg

Skywalker, the moderator of Taiwan Strida User Club forums, posted some photos of new Strida shown at the Taipei Cycle Show 2010:

Three standard models for international market (two-speed, LT, and 18")
Quick release saddle height adjustment system (standard on two-speed and 18" models, not sure if it will be sold as a upgrade kit)
Handlebar easy release button (upgrade kit available in Taiwan for about US$6, not sure about other countries)
Water/dust proof alloy freewheel
Mudguard for 18" wheel
See more photos and read the full report here

Great pictures
thanks for sharing

Mudguard for 18" wheel (finally)

Woo. I’ve upgraded my Strida 5 to 18" but changed back to the 16" as I really need mudguards where I live and the existing ones can’t be used with the larger wheels. Are these new guards available in the UK yet?


No need for an answer :wink:, I see they are on the vanmoof site . . .