Strida 1 Pics


I’m trying to get my old Strida MK1 up and running. I’m just wondering does anyone have an image of the clip/Lever that holds the steering/unfolded bike in place?

I need to re-create something similar and it’s the only thing I need (i think) to get out on it again. or if anyone cold suggest an alternative that’d be great.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks


do you have a drawing or any imagination how this part may look?
Unfortunately I’m not familiar with ancient Strida, but possibly this thing could match, too?



HI, it’s a small lever that holds the bottom bar to the steering bar. I lost it when I damaged the steering socket.

it would fit very close to the hole on this image.

Thanks appreciate any help.

Maybe you can try to reach inseq:

Re: MK1 professional restore?

Great idea thanks. I’ll send a message.