SLO brake handles interchange

Hi, folks! :smiley:

Here in the Far South Cone :unamused: , bicicles cames with the left brake handle actuating over the front wheel. BUT the SLO came to me just the opposite. Perhaps of her british design?

Any idea about easy change of the cables? I couldn`t simple interchange the side of the handles because the cables will be twisted in front of the “handlebar adjustment” (is that name correct?) :blush:

Perhaps dissasembling that “handlebar” may found enough space? mmmmhh…

Is not an option for me to fix my other bikes, I have five!!!

Regards… Daniel

The “handlebar”:

Seems that the only possibility is to thread the cable hose out and then in again through the other holes…ugly work, I mean.

“handlebar adjustment” - Hmm, maybe better to use “handlebar locking lever” or “handlebar lever”, I believe :wink:

These posts might be helpful:
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Thanks Chris for referring the posts, I think is a hard work to do that now :neutral_face:

Sincerely yours,