Scrached zone (folding and unfolding)

My Strida SX have a little scratched zone produced by a friction zone during folding …

Do your Stridas rub in that area?

These two tubes seem to be too close together, it may be a problem of the weld that is too thick

The scrached zone:


No, there’s at least 5 mm room between both tubes.

Hmmm, I believe the issue can be found a bit lower…

Could you please check if the plastic washers (part nr. 376) are at their place below the magnet counterpart?
Caution: While remounting the bolt (nr. 379), do not use much force - otherwise the part nr. 338 will be bent!

Below the parts sequence of the rear wheel:

You might also solve the issue by adding a second washer below the magnet at the front wheel:

(Ignore the red arrows, they apply to another post.)

Please note: Using a thread locking compound is a must for both wheel bolts!

I checked all washers …

I will add tomorrow a second washer …



With 3 washers this is the result …

Now i have 2 or 3 millimiters between tubes…

But, i needed to put the three washers before the part 338, if i put the washers after (with both 376), the 336 part not rolling.

The order i use is:


Thanks for your help BlackStridaAustria!

I’ve written the text above a bit misleading, sorry.
(Previous post already edited.)

Actually was meant to use the washers at the front wheel (magnet location), not at the rear wheel (counterpart of the magnet with small hex screw).
Anyway - it worked and seems to be OK :smiley:


Seems you’ve found it… :wink:

[url]EVO front wheel squeaking noise]

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Yes, I found it.

But, you’re right, sometimes it’s hard to find information into the forum …

Moreover, this is the most complete Strida forum I’ve found …

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Many thanks for the compliment about the Stridaforum!

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