EVO front wheel squeaking noise

A Canadian Strida fellow mentioned a small squaking noise from the frontwheel,
preconditioned that the “usual” noise sources (brake pads, tyre to frame clearance, mudguard bolts and something like that) were already checked, but where/what might be the source of the noise?

Thanks Bill, here’s the video:

Does anybody of the EVO users here have similar experience?

Hmm, what about the wheel magnet?
There should be small gap between magnet and rim.

Btw, here, once again, a comfortable method to remove the magnet:

Also, there is not much room between backside of magnet and the hub,
are any marks visible at the arrowed surfaces?

For a short test ride it should be no problem to replace the wheel magnet by four (depending on their thickness maybe more) common 8 mm washers.

Any other ideas, somebody please?


I encountered some squeaking noise as well when pedaling and the culprit was the locking pin.

Check if the 2 bolts securing the locking pin are tight and secure.

Many thanks Chester_Tan,

that’s good to know!

In the case of the Canadian the reason for the sounds was most likely just a brake pad.

One way to find out if it’s the brake pads is to remove it and ride. Just to eliminate a possibility.

Dear all,

My 6 month old LT is starting to have high pitch squeaking noise from the rear brake. I ride average 2 times a week about 30km each. Is it possible that the wearing of the brake pads cause the noise? How do I check for brake material wearing without taking the wheel out?

Thank you.

Dear Stccmc,

I’ve moved your post because I thought it would match better to here than to the clicking noise; really hope you don’t mind.
Of course there are also other posts which will belong to your question,
some of them are linked below.

So you’ve ridden about 1440 km in sum, I mean that could be enough to kill the pads.
Yes, I believe indeed that wear (and misalignment of both pads, also caused by wear) may produce noise.

That’s easy; unmount the brake caliper, it’s just two bolts :laughing:

Ok, next try serious:

First, you might answer yourself the following question:

How many times, so far, did you readjust your brake cable or the pads itself?
(One or two times can’t mean wear, but several times would be a sign of wearout, I’d say.)

Please note that there are two types of brake calipers on the market;
on the older, rounder ones you can look at the pads from the underside of your bike.
Do yours look like these:

or do you have the older version?

I’m asking because we didn’t check by now if the new calipers are using the same pads as the old ones.
If they do - hopefully - then you might try another type of pad in correct size,
please refer here for alternative pads:
Re: Disc brake caliper lever bumps into caliper body

(I’m sure to have a pair new calipers at home, but I can’t find them at the moment to compare, sorry )