Schlumpf tops 1000 miles

Riding my 2009 neon green Strida to work every day (rain, snow or shine), I have now reached 1071 miles on the Schlumpf two speed I fitted last year. Absolutely no problems, other than the shorter Gates rubber belt fracturing on acceleration from the lights in low after just 500 miles. I offered to send Gates the fractured belt, as it surely looked like defective manufacturing, but no reply.

The Schlumpf is a dream to shift and ride, and shaves some time off my commute.

Total miles on my Strida - 1803 miles. The sad OEM plastic rear pulley wore out after only 364 miles. The good news is that the aluminum rear pulley I then fitted still looks good after 1439 miles.


that’s great to hear.

As for the plastic rear pulley, the alumnium rear pulley should be standard equipment and not as an upgrade for the strida cause the plastic one just ruins the experience. My belt skipped alot when going up any hill when it was on the plastic freewheel and now with the aluminum one it goes alot more before the belt slips. I’ve been commuting day in and day out on mine for work as well as using it for charity rides cause it feels natural compared to my “normal” bike. So far after 2 1/2 years it’s around 5000km’s and just simple tightening and replacing a flat after my kojak tore apart on something sharp.

My Strida SD has been ridden 2298km after 1 year and 8 months of usage.

good to know that we’re all putting a bunch of km’s on our bikes without much on the problem side. that’s a sign that they designed it pretty robust. Like Amuro with over 2300kms and Mink with almost 3000kms all without a major part to replace is good. Must fit you guys pretty well too in order to be able to put in that much mileage. Usually the strida either fits you right or it sucks and you’ll never ride it. Pretty much a love hate thing when it comes to strida’s.

Well said, Ed.