Pedal clicking noise

I’m pretty sure my left pedal is making clicking noise when I down-pedal, anything I can do to alleviate that? Or is it not the pedal at all?

Hi iceberg,

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Well…of course I might be wrong, but this seems to be the classical clicking noise issue.
Please check the first minute of the video here: Re: Strida 5.0 “clicking” noise
That’s exactly the same sound, isn’t it?

Don’t worry - experienced staff will be able to cure that :smiley:

Are you familiar with simple mechanical work?

Sorry I can’t view the video. Is your pedal the aluminum alloy type?


I have the same problem, and my pedals are the aluminum alloy type.
They start making that noise when i make some extra effort on them, like when i’m climbing roads.

I’m familiar with bike mechanical, i’m riding bikes over years but Strida is a little bit different… :slight_smile:

Did you have a solution?


Fellows, again…
…the sound above, as mentioned already…that’s the rear joint - and not the pedals :wink:

Not convinced - that’s quite OK, it is in fact hard to localize this f… noise, correct?

But why?

Is it just one pedal (or do they develope the same issue at the same time - no, not logic) -
why we can’t tell left or right?

What should generate this awful noise at a pedal?
There’s a spindle with bearings in it, nothing more…

Good Day, regarding noise when pedaling hard, there is another source of noise to consider. I have noticed with my EVO that the two bolts that hold the locking latch to the front tube can loosen. In the manual bolt #274, this can happen on one side and be more noticeable when pedaling with one side then the other. These bolts might loosen more with a Strida equipped with a alloy beltwheel as there is less flex in the beltwheel and more force on the two bolts.



So, maybe the problem can be solved this way: crackling noise repair kit instructions



Hi BTTurbo,

please follow first Bill’s advice; check the 274 bolts.
If these were not loose there’s a pretty good chance to solve the issue with mentioned kit.
If you are not able to collect the required parts locally - especially the anti-seizing compound does have crucial characteristics - don’t hesitate to pm me :smiley:




I’ve solved the noise problem. I stop and made some effort on the pedals to see where the noise come.
I figured out it comes from the front (274 bolts), so i disassemble everything, clean, lubricate and assemble again. The noise is gone.

Thanks Bill. :smiley:

Hey that is good news, we need to keep our Strida bikes quiet and stealth like!


I hope you did not lubricate the bolts because they will soon come loose again!

You should first degrease the bolts, then put some Loctite on the threads and finally tighten them to the specified torque (cf. manual).

No, just the standard plastic folding pedals

I figured it out- it was the crank arm’s bolt that needed to be tightened. No more squeaks from the left pedal!