Need Advice for correct decision

Dear Friends

I am considering to buy these days a Stida bike for my daily (job) commuting needs . The main reason is to save some money .The other benefits will come next (health ,fun, ect ect.)
My commuting profile is the following…
About 4km per direction (8 km total) .This applies to… 800m on slightly uphill sloped road folding then subway then 3,2 km in mixed road slight uphills,downhills and a bit harder uphill about 500m but not over 5% angle I beleive and backwards.
My profile is 1.75m tall about 95kg weight but I am on diet :laughing: so I beleive I could manage to get under 90 kilos some time my target is about 85-83 kilos.I am not trained person but I have retained some training from my previus gym era I believe .

What model would you propose for my needs?
I am thinking for LT because is cheaper too.
Is MAS model worth investing ?
Does 2 speeds worth the expence?

Thats all I can think for now .I am looking forward for your answers , proposals.

Hello janus38,

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As posted here:

I guess the most important is:

Do you really like how to ride a Strida?
Yes - buy it (equal whichever)!
No - look for another (folding) bike!

Do you have enough knee-room while pedaling in curves (to the steering bars)?
Yes - fine.
No - consider “bended steering” (forum search).

Depending on where (guess vanmoof?) you want to buy your Strida, maybe…
Vanmoof offers (at the moment) just one speed drive Strida - the MAS for ~ 900 €.
So this is the cheapest offer for a two - geared Strida in Europe (except Suisse and France).
Btw, Hongkong price for Strida SD, two speed is 8800 HK$ ~ 800 €.

You might also buy a single speed Strida and “upgrade” it later (forum search “Schlumpf”),
but, please be warned, this possibility is MUCH more expensive!
Please note also, that there are TWO speed drives on the market, the original Schlumpf speed drive and the ATS speed drive.
The differencies are here:
[url]Photos of Stridas in Hong Kong]

Sorry, I have no answer, this depends on your needs and expectations…

May I create an alternative question?

I would immediately call Florian, to order a new Schlumpf speed drive! :smiling_imp: :unamused: :smiling_imp:

Further questions are always welcome,

Best regards


4 km is not much - with 15 km/h it is about 16 min. 5% is possible, too.

I suggest you try it with a “normal” bike or another folder if the Strida is not available for a test ride in your area. Check if you need the low gears on the uphill parts.

The two gears of the MAS are really cool. If you can afford them, get them. It gives you a lot more comfort in some situations (uphill, headwind, …). More comfort makes it more fun to ride and more fun to ride means that you will do it more often. :slight_smile:

Thank you both for your opinions.
@BSA I like Strida design and technology at the point that all other folding bikes looks to me UGLY!! :smiley:
I believe has many benefits comparing to other foldings I can think less maintenance , simplicity on folding , low weight and many more .
@Tom I spoke with a friend of mine which uses the route I am planning to use and he says that is 2,6 km long and is quite easy to him with his bike (MTB) so the daily route is 3.2km and the same at the end of my shift.
So my requirements are narrowed down to the basic Strida LT which so far I am reading on this forum the plastic rims are more stronger than steel ones and the 16" wheels is good compromise for speed and effort needed.
@BSA I live in Greece and they are several local retailers with good prices Strida LT starting @ 565 € .
Other than that if I get used to it and feel the need to and have more money to spent also may be I will upgrade it with a 2 speed mechanism.

Thank you again for your help I’ll keep reading the forum (almost have read a lot of topics) and if something came up I will ask again.

I would like also to inform me if somebody know if there are any technical differences , improvements at the LT model (except plastic rims) comparing to 5.2 model (I have found a little bit lower sale price(480€ for limited quantity and green colour only I like very much the white one)).
If there is not any difference is a wise choice or the plastic rims are better (don’t forget I am a bit overweight too :smiley: ).
Also I have found a used one at very good condition at good price (370 euros) but is the 5.0 model …


You are a really lucky one…
…because you have a big advantage, if you decide to buy a Strida with 24 spoked wheels:

Claim implicitly for a spoke tension test at the bikestore!
A (hopefully available) experienced bike mechanic should be able to do that “by ear” (tapping at the spokes) in a few minutes!

Doing as above suggested will avoid this:
[url]My Strida SD (Sport Duo)]
(Scroll down to see destroyed plastic wheels :frowning: )

By now I’ve checked 10 original steel spoked Strida wheels (4 x 16" and 6 x 18"), ALL of them had, at least a few, LOOSE spokes :imp:

Lucky enough I can admit the funny part is that the local distributor here has raised prices sometimes with 100 euros difference among the retailers .Eg. they sell Strida LT for 690 euros and I can find it way cheaper even Vanmoof is cheaper than them including postage.
Strange ways for supporting such a good bike!!

Similar to Strida Vienna.
They don’t know anything about the bike and have no parts (most of my parts are from vanmoof directly). The only reason why they deal with Strida is the smell of money :confused:

It appears that I have the same commuting distance as you: first 40 km with my car, then I take my Strida out of the trunk and I ride the last 4 km upto the office. This keeps me fit!

I started with the Strida LT: as my commuting profile is quite flat except for one bridge, I could maintain a cruising speed of 20km/h with top speeds of 24 km/h (I can’t spin faster!).

After 8 months, I decided to upgrade my LT with a Schlumpf Speed Drive system in order go faster. My cruising speed raised to 24 km/h and my top speed on flat became 30km/h.
I only use the 1st gear when setting off at the traffic lights and when I have steep hills.

If you are not a speed freak, then the LT will be perfect for you. The single gear is perfectly chosen. If you want to go faster, then definitely go for the MAS. The Schlumpf upgrade did cost me the same almount of money as a MAS with some discount, but I did it because I liked the white color and the black rims of my LT :laughing:

I am a lightweight guy (1.81m & 65kg), so she plastic wheels work very well for me, and I like their look as well.

Thanks again for the recommendations .Yes I believe the LT works for me and later on if I need more speed I will fit a 2 speed device or try the 18’ inch wheels .