My new strida

Hi all,
I have just joined the forum today and I have lots of questions.
The first one is I’ve just bought a “genuine” (it says so on the auction) Strida from DHGate. What is the obvious difference by looking between the real Strida and a Chinese fake one?
I know that that’s just one question but I’ll save the others for future posts.

Hello Harty,

welcome to Stridaforum!

I suggest to start here Keep Strida Original - say NO to Fakes!
You can find here more info about fake Stridas = SLO’s (Strida Like Object).
Furthermore you might use the forum search, using the term “SLO” you will find 68 matches with tons of informations.
And if you would show us details of your bike, we could help to identify it :wink:

I’ve just ordered it so it will be a month before I see it. Thanks for the reply. I did see the phrase SLO on the site but didn’t know what it meant. I’ll type that in and see what I get.


Oh, I see…
If you meant something like this
then you can be sure that it is an SLO.
Didn’t you notice that they not even mention the name Strida?

I cannot understand why people are accepting the risks of something like that - for these bikes doesn’t exist any warranty and there are no spare parts available. :unamused:
Usually the quality is awfully bad, here an example of an Austrian SLO:

Please notice the waves at the curve of the frame - I wonder that anybody wants to ride on such thing. :open_mouth:

Once again, as posted here: New to Strida- hello and questions

This is the one I bought.
It does say genuine Strida. I’ll post picks when I get it. This is why I wanted to know as I will be giving feedback to the seller so if I know how to spot a fake one then I can give more accurate feedack. At the moment he’s on 100%. This can only be good.
Can someone post pics of the obvious differences. I read in a post that the fake ones have 4 screws on the steering pin and the real Strida has 2. Can someone post a pic of this as I can’t find one.

Found this, What do you think?


Aaaah, now we’re talking!

The link which you have posted above is leading to a classical case of illegal plagiarism.
That seems to be to the correct term for the stealing of ideas.

Thanks for posting the pics about fake Strida Warning signs, I couldn’t find it anymore.

Guess you’ve overlooked the above pic?
Ok, here is a different cut of the Austrian SLO pic:

In this post
How does the bottom bar latch work?

the link for the bottom bar latch patent can be found

It is showing definitely holes for TWO bolts, not four.

Why, do you think, is there just one (crappy) pic at the DHgate seller’s site?
Might it be that he wanted to hide the FOUR bolts?
(The resolution is also too low to see the brake calipers.)

But there ARE some strange details visible:
Here it looks like the brake cable holes are sidewise of the stem, normally they are at the bottom side!

The valve should point straight to the axle, maybe the tube is mounted not correct?

Why does the stem not look like that of a real Strida?
(The real stem is more conical than the fake.)
Examples are here:
18" Wheel Upgrade: not that easy…
Chrome Care
or here:
Catalogue-Strida-2012.pdf page 8, below point 04
and so on…

Why are there no adhesive stickers on the frame?

Why are the reflective stripes of the tyres disappeared?

Where are the black plastic caps of the seat mounting?

Why is there no Strida label visible on the saddle?

How (and why) should anybody be able to sell genuine Stridas for the half price of a non-faked one?

If you read anywhere in the web:

would you believe that?

Well my “bike” arrived and it is NOT a strida. It cost in total including delivery and taxes 442.76euro or £356.69 sterling.
I’ve cycled it and it seems ok but early days yet. The rear wheel has a bit of a camber when I’m sitting on it (16stone).
Pics on flickr

Sorry no pics showing. Just view the flickr link.

Dear all,
I did some research and suspected this website is selling fake Strida. Please be carefull. … fgod0FMDYQ