For everyday stuff the single gear and its ratio are fine

But I’d love to be able to comfortably ride that little bit further…

Other than Amuro’s post, has anyone seen or modified Strida gearing in anyway?

I’ve found a company called schlumpf

who manufacture gearing to go in a standard bottom bracket.

They’ve three products,
“Mountain drive” reduces gearing x 2.5
“Speed drive” increases gearing x 1.65
(and "High speed drive, which comes with a chain ring)

which look interesting, but I’m not sure if fitting would be possible?

I suspect it might be easier to try to get a metal shop to make different sized front rings or rear wheels. ( I expect plastic molds are more expensive than metal)

I am sure a Speed drive would work with a strida5 which as standard Bb and freewheel in rear. Just mount the front pulley on the speed drive.

They are expensive tho.

How can we mount the front pulley on the speed drive? Have anyone tried this before? Or anybody is planning to do this?