minus 20 deg C

The Strida manual specifies a minimum ambient temperature of
minus 20 deg C (minus 4 deg F).
It’s on the safety page.
Does anybody know why?

Hi sillybunny,

I want to let you know that we do not ignore your question.
Maybe nobody has an answer… :unamused:

My guess: possible stability problems of the plastic beltwheel and the seat mounting material at low temperatures?

Hej, snowriders, no idea?

If temp is (much) lower than usual / 20 deg C:

  • Grease could become harder
  • Viscosity of oil could become unexpected value
  • Tire / tube could be more stiff
  • Break wire could be less flexible
  • Break disc / pad may not perform well, it takes longer to stop / slow down
    from technical / material point of view.

Above is general information, not Strida specific. In my best assumption, this could be kind of indirect disclaimer that company can not guaranty its performance under lower temp.

Let’s not forget the Kevlar belt: its tension theoretically decreases together with the temperature due to the negative thermal expansion coefficient of the Kevlar cords.