Mark Sanders in Hong Kong

Here are the links of photos and interviews:

Mark Sanders appeared at the Hong Kong Book Fair Today!

Looking at all these customized stridas it totally puts mine to shame! mine just stock with some add ons for efficiency. These guys are totally pimped out with colour matched fenders and wheelsets. I guess also for hong kong this would be their main form of transportations too so they really take good care of it. Really a thumbs up to them! I can’t even bring mine cause it would have to hide from the corner away from the cameras! hahaha!

Dinner with Mark Sanders

You look so happy all~ :smiley:
I become curious to know what a wonderful stories and contents are in the book :exclamation:

Yeah what is that book about? came someone give us the gist of it? they have a brompton book but what’s in the strida book? I’m very very curious to know!

The name of the book is Green Living which was edited by Philip Heung and Joey Man, the bosses of the local distributor of Strida in Hong Kong.

Printed on paper from sustainable forestry with soy ink, the book consists of articles written by different Strida owners in Hong Kong telling stories about their cycling lives and tours with their Stridas.

The book also have an interview with Mark Sanders, the father of Strida, whose handwritings, sketches, photos and some parts of his master thesis are also included.

The main theme of the book is green living and is trying to promote a different form of living by using bicycles as transport in highly urbanised areas such as Hong Kong… although it still has a long way to go. :unamused:

I found out an interesting interview of Philip Heung.

Personally I have a good memory with him. About 18 months ago, he helped me to get some parts of Strida 3.2 for my friend. Really good man! :smiley:

We always use this icon: to represent Philip on the forums of Hong Kong Strida Club. We never mention his name that we just type Mr. or just when we call him or talk about him.

The icon really looks like his face, doesn’t it? :laughing:

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We use this icon: to represent Joey Man on the forums of HK Strida Club recently. :mrgreen:!/photo.php?fbid=236295706464514&set=a.175384602555625.41105.147858448641574

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