Chrome Care

I just purchased a chrome STRiDA SD.

Any ideas on what product to use to keep it shiny and protected? I don’t know what process they used in ‘painting’ the frame chrome…or this does not have anything to do with how I keep it clean and protected or what kind of solution I can use to keep it looking brand new. :blush:

Right now, I bought Mothers Chrome Polish. I tried to use it in an inconspicuous area of the bike just to test. After rubbing lightly, a grayish material showed up on the taffy cloth. :confused: Is this good or bad?

Any good ideas are a great help.


Hi drkdoesstrida,

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Does your Strida look like that:

Chrome and Bullhorn-bar Editions

I’ve never seen a chrome Strida in reality, so it might be a stupid question:

Are you sure that it is chrome plated and not highly polished aluminium?

(As far as I know the chrome-plating on aluminium is much more difficult and expensive than on metals like brass or iron.)

Thanks Blackstridaaustria!

Hmmm… I do believe that it is indeed chrome…unless Ming’s putting a prank. :cry:

Many thanks for the beautiful pics, you convinced me.
Aluminium would not be that shiny…

Btw, your chrome Strida looks really great!

Did you know this product, a kind of wadding.

That’s my father’s favorite chrome polish (maybe for ~ 40 years?).

A disadvantage might be that it could catch grit particles which would cause scratch.

I believe that every polish has to be mechanical abrasive and/or chemical aggresive, sparingly use recommendable.
The grayish material might be a mix of chrome particles, polish material, oxide and mud (besides a lot of chemicals) - guess that’s normal.

My favorite cleaning tool is a paperhanging brush

usually my Stridas don’t get wet :blush:

You’re welcome, Blackstridaaustria. :slight_smile:

Thanks thanks! This baby’s my second one for this year. I so love riding STRiDA that much. :smiley: I ride them to and from work. :heart:

I’ve heard of Never Dull but I doubt if it’s available in my country. Wow! 40 years is long. I must try your dad’s Never Dull. hehehehe…

Ahhh… that’s comforting to hear…somehow. hahahaha… How often do I need to polish it?

I usually just use a taffy or a microfiber towel to remove light dust, fingerprints and other smudges…which I usually get when travelling. :cry:

Thank you drkdoesstrida!

May I ask from where you got your shiny beauty?

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Who is ?

Here is the answer.

Good evening, Blackstridaaustria!

I got Mee from our dealer here in the Philippines. Our dealer was nice enough to order us these chrome. :smiley: Thanks, Tooraks. :heart:

Gosh! You guys posted them already. ahehehehe… :blush: Thanks. :blush:

A friend of mine has another one of these. I believe we’re just the only people who has it in our country. ahehehe…

His replaced his grips and saddle with the leather ones from STRiDA. I haven’t seen it since he hasn’t uploaded any pictures yet. This Sunday, we’re planning to ride. I’ll grab you some pictures so you’de get a better look at his.

Tooraks (our dealer) mentioned that it was hard chromed so wetting it and wiping it with a soft cloth would be good enough to keep it clean and shiny. :wink:

Right now, I’m looking for some bike tapes to put in areas where the finish might get damaged ; ie: where the rack grips the frame, the area just above the crank where it rubs with the reflector when folding, and as you would notice, I cut some towelling grips (black) around the frame to prevent scratches:

You can see both of them here:

One at the top of the picture and the second one you can find at the right.

L U S T :smiley:

…playing with software…

“fake” high dynamic range image

Question to Vanmoof/Netherlands:

Austria’s law might be similar…

I saw the chrome version in the Strida shop in Paris.

Here is a link to the EU norm regarding city & trekking bicycles:

I haven’t read it completely but I havent’t found anything about blinding effect of chromed parts.

Just came back from CYCLE MODE international 2011 trade show. This show is held in Tokyo on Nov. 4th, 5th and 6th, also in Osaka on Nov. 12th and 13th.

Strida 5.0SE (will be in production)

This model is called “Strida 5.0 SE” featuring leather saddle and grip, chrome flame and rim. Seems similar to Chrome model posted in this thread earlier.

Strida SX Sand Beige (will be in production)

Strida Racing (demo bike, not for production)

Genuine_S, do you have larger sizes for these pictures? :smiley:

You have to visit Genuine_S at flickr :wink:
But his blog is also worth seeing…

Blackstridaaustria, thanks for your help as always.

drkdoesstrida, you can find larger images at flickr, however, if you really really need even larger…, here is link -
(But I will remove this file in the future).

What? Blinding effect?



What other colors of SD are available aside from the chrome and orange does TOORAKS offer? Also, did the alloy rack with bungee came as standard with the SD?

Seems that’s strongly depending on the taste of the local dealer…
For example:
G.U.M. (Hongkong) offers black and painted silver at the website, at the catalogue titanium grey,
Strida Suisse has red, white and Aluminium (brushed silver?),
Strida Greece, Strida Poland and Vanmoof (Netherlands) have MAS only,
Strida Canada offers brushed aluminium and electric pink,
Strida France offer black and metal,
and at the Ming site is a green SD to be seen.

Hmm, I would say usually not, but I don’t exactly know what’s standard…

I believe that the whole thing works like this:
A dealer (for example Switzerland) ordered customized SD from the MingCyle Company, the Buemi edition, which is different to the normal SD in a few details (color, wheels).
Less information at Ming’s site and ton’s of “editions” at the dealer’s sites make it hard to define a standard I think.

If you are searching for a special color SD the easiest way might be being VERY kind to TOORAKS, maybe they could order?

Thanks BSA. It seems that the colors available here in the PH are brushed silver, black and orange. By the way I have decided to get the SD instead of the LT since the dealer was kind to tell me that getting an LT and upgrading the chain wheel and pedals to alloy would cost nearly as an SD and the parts that I’d be replacing would be useless so he told me better get an SD. I’d get 2 speed with the alloy front pulley and the alloy rack is standard but I think it’s the one with no bungee cord.

Sorry if this is off-topic.