Help! Strida 3.2 wire wheel upgrade vs snubber.

A couple of weeks ago I bought a new wire rear wheel from a London Strida dealer to replace my plastic one on which the ‘sprocket’ is a bit worn. Put the wire rear wheel on over the weekend. All good until I put the snubber back on only to find the head of the snubber bolt (a pan head Allen socket holding two separate bearings in place) fouls the hub and spokes on the wire wheel. Any idea why that might be the case? Do I need a different snubber? If not any clue what the remedy is? Or indeed just what size that bolt is so I can source something to jury rig it? (I’m thinking a low head standard Allen socket might give me the room it needs, or a very thin hex head, or a socketed set screw with a thin bolt loctited on the end or similar). Hoping their might be an easier way though!

Serial no of the Strida is M08H000058 btw.

Hi workhard, I’m finding it a bit hard to visualise. Would you be able to post a photo?

apparently when Ming put wire wheels on the 3.2a to make the 3.3 they changed the snubber from

two thin bearings sat side by side on an ‘axle’ made of a pan headed allen bolt (as I have)


one fat bearing (but not as fat as two thin ones) sat on its own on an axle made of a bolt with a very thin hex head (as per Mk 5’s I believe)

This fat but thinner snubber bearing in combination with the thin hex head give the room I need.

And my local(ish) Strida dealer Velorution in London, have the bits in stock for less than £5.

here’s hoping.

Still can find a 3.3. wire front wheel for love nor money in Europe though.

Yes, Ming did change the snubber bearing size between the 3.2 and 3.3. If you need the parts, let us know and I can see what I have in my parts bin.

As to 3.3 wheels, we still have a few sets in stock (just got them from Ming actually). If there’s anything that we (STRIDA Hong Kong) can help with, just shoot us an e-mail at



Thank you for answering the question Mr.!
[url]Mark Sanders in Hong Kong]

yesterday the strangest thing happen, somehow while I was riding the bike uphill my drive belt twisted itself around. At the back the smooth side is now against the teeth of the rear ‘cog’, at the front the toothed side of the belt is still engaged with the ‘chainwheel’. The snubber is still in place though! I think things must have got too slack perhaps?

Suddenly the bike became very hard to pedal but I had to carry on or end up under the wheels of a bus.

The teeth on the belt are now damaged I think and it looks like it is time for a new belt and chainwheel, the latter has a crack in it which is not getting any smaller.

Has anyone else ever had this happen to them?