Locking the locking pin (with a key)?

Hi everyone. New user here, though I’ve been riding and selling Stridas for a while.

It seems like such a no-brainer, but I have yet to see any talk about replacing the standard locking pin with something more secure, that could be used to lock the bike to a standard rack or pole. I’m thinking something like this.

Really, I’m surprised no one’s thought of (or at least mentioned) it already. Is there any good reason not to do it? The bike would become unridable if the lock was broken, and the lock would always be there. The only downside would be that folding would take a second or two longer, but that seems like a fairly minor issue.

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Hmmm, me too, your idea sounds very logical…

Amuro posted here:
[url]How does the bottom bar latch work?]

the patent document of the quick release structure of the steering pin:

Example pic:

It should be no technical problem to add a locking mechanism to the steering pin (maybe the keyhole pointing downwards?).

However will the installing of a pivot in the steering pin not really secure the bike,
except -
the two bolts of the steering pin (part nr. 274), the right rear wheel bolt (part nr. 373),
the steering ball socket bolt (part nr. 273), the Allen key 3mm wormscrew which is securing the steering ball (not shown in the drawing of the owners manual 2008 page 12,13), and the pin of the bottom bar latch (part nr. 132 shown above)
-will also be secured (however).

Where and how do you want to place the pivot exactly?

Wow, looks like Ming takes care of users wishes :smiley:

According to fatman it’s a prototype…

Wow that was a fast response!

and a pretty cool way to lock it up temporarily. not really meant to be gone for more than a few minutes with that lock.