Keeping Mk1 Strida riding for 40+ years

I am trying to find a spare part for my Strida MK1: A spare pedal tube. Mine has cracked where it clips to the steering tube as attached.

I contacted Strida Europe in Holland about it and they said they couldn’t help. I want to give the bike another lease of life as I love riding it!

Any help would be appreciated.

Agreed - its great to keep these early Strida’s on the road.
Your bike is now about 20 years old so signs of fatigue (as this) may be starting to show.

If you want to get another 20 years use out of the bike I suggest 2 improvements.

  1. (if you have any fine fatigue cracks) … Unscrew and carefully take out the front plastic bearing / clip from the bottom tube, and then take the bike (or just bottom tube) to a good welding shop (ask if he has extensive TIG aluminium welding experience), and have them weld up the cracks, cleaning up on the inside (So the plastic bit fits back in). And leave the weld bead on the outside for additional strength. The material is 5251 / NJ4.

  2. Dismantle the rear wheel and take off the Rear Pulley (Zinc). This part was meant to be replaceable - but the tool is not available, so this part must be surface hardened, to Mk2 spec. This is by ‘Hard Nickel plating’ … where a thing layer of superhard Nickel is added to to surface - preventing most further wear from the brakes or the belt. Look for metal platers or metal finishers, in the yellow pages.

for more info about adjusting the Mk1 please see the online manual: … Manual.pdf

Failing this, Mk1 Strida’s sometimes come up on ebay UK for as low as £30 as spares, … these make a good source of spares.

Many collectors now keep their Mk1 for occasional use and have a Mk5 for everyday use - benefiting from 20+ years of development.

PLEASE ADD YOUR OWN ANSWERS / TIPS / EXPERIENCES about keeping Mk1 Strida’s going - so we can all benefit :wink:

I am looking for a spare part. This one : … 7d70_m.jpg
Are you still using your MK1 or would you share parts ?