how do you know which model Strida is which?

I did a search about this question. There was a similar question posted in 2010 but it received no answer.
I have had my Strida for, maybe 10 years…maybe longer. It has drum brakes and the plastic flange for joining the wheels. Serial # 2083.
Also…the front brakes do not slow the bike when it is being ridden. The wheel will stop if I spin it by hand and apply lever pressure but not when I am riding.
Where to get drum brakes? Where to repair?

Welcome Darkgael,

[url]Strida Collection in Barcelona / SPAIN]

maybe this post is helpful?

Could you please upload a pic of your bike?

Yes…that link was helpful. It appears that I have a model 2 or 3.

(Don’t quite know why the whole picture is not showing. It is on the camera and at Photobucket.)

In any case…what can be done about adjusting or replacing the front brake? There is little/no support for this older model. Suggestions?

No problem, by downloading it appears in full size.
(Pictures bigger than 480 x 360 are not supported by the forum software).

Sorry to say that all Stridas lower than 5 are before my time,
maybe this manual might be helpful?

Already posted by Human_Amplifier here:
[url]Keeping Mk1 Strida riding for 40+ years]

I think yours is a Strida 2, please watch the locking mechanism and the part of the frame which is holding the handlebar, it is parallel to the surface, not pointing upwards.

Also your serial number is very low, please read here:
[url]Old stuff about the past generations of Strida]
and here:
[url]MK1 top plastic socket broken]