Italian New Owner

Hello I m Jonathan from Italy and this is my first Strida…
i m passion from alternative bike and when i see it in the store i buy …
do u know if it is possible to change only the bearing of the center hub?

Hello Jonathan,

welcome at Stridaforum! :grinning:

Yes, you could change the bearings, these are 6002 RS, you should also replace the Seeger rings once they were removed.
But the better choice is anyway to exchange the whole excenter to the aluminium version - your LT has a plastic excenter :wink:

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ok thank u for the welcome
first i try to change the 2 bearing that cost anything…
it is possible to installa the 3 gear hub?

Due to a different diameter of the bottom bracket housing (60 mm vs 95 mm) it is sadly not possible to reftrofit the original Strida 3 gear drive.

The efneo GTRO 3 speed drive does fit into the LT 60 mm bottom bracket, please refer to here.

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very nice items i need see this type of gear on bike

Please pardon me; I’m very sorry that my previous info was outdated and thus incorrect:
The efneo GTRO (Strida kit) is NOT any longer available at the retail market!

ok no problem i see in their site that isn’t avaible

Two speed upgrades are still feasible:
Strida ATS speed drive kit