Efneo GTRO three speed gearbox

Edit November 2023:
The Strida efneo GTRO kit is not any longer available.


efneo GTRO three speed gearbox efneo.com/
80 T efneo beltwheel for Strida smtbike.imb2b.com/
ATS dual speed eccentric bottom bracket, HTD 1360 mm belt bikegang.co.uk/

Many thanks for the great support to Wiktor, David and Paul!

Freshly made by using lots of tools and pleasure, spiced with custom wheels, new reinforced rear hinge bolt kit and served steaming hot by gourmets

At shown Strida are the achieved gear ratios, due to the bigger circumference of the 40-349 Greenspeed Scorcher tyres (UK/EU source), a few percent higher than that of original 18“ tyres – approximately

in low gear 3,6m
in middle gear 5,1m
and in high gear 6,4m.

The gear ratios for original 16“ and 18“ wheels were added here:
Gear ratios information about different models of Strida

Because we can.

Hi BSA - those pictures look awesome.

An alternative to the Strida EVO.

I take it this is custom made - as a hobby? It is not a mainstream model we can buy? This can be slapped into a 1 speed EVO (only - per our chat) – what are the costs and who can do this? I don’t think my local bike shop can do this - Strida’s are kinda unique not the regular bike… despite my local bike shop is a Strida Reseller (I don’t think they will…). Basically is this for show to us that it can or we can expect some special models to be on “sale”.

Lastly -in my quest for Strida speed - so this gear ratio makes it faster than a stock Strida 18" EVO?


Hi Willie,

In this case yes, but in close cooperation with efneo.

Not right now – first we need to convince David from Taiwan to make more beltwheels for us.
(We need a special BCD for the efneo - common 80 t beltwheels are not suitable.)

Made to retrofit into all single (or dual) speed bottom brackets.
(Maybe in future also to replace the KS3 for EVO.)
Sorry, no clue about the costs (so far, even the shown drive wasn’t paid to its seller :blush: )
Once there is a complete kit available it won’t be a question of „who can“ – the question is much more „who has all the tools“.
Principially you can refer to the Schlumpf installation thread, the efneo kit installation would be pretty equal (Except the torque lever positioning and the shifting cable routing for the efneo).

Re: Has anyone retrofitted a schlumpf on their strida?

Absolutely yes – please do refer to the gear ratio thread linked above – you can expect in high gear 14% increase.

Sorry, at the moment I’m unable to supply serious data about the weight.
Shown Strida bikes are pretty similar but not equal, both are equipped with custom wheels of unknown weight.
According to a cheap digital luggage scale is the EVO (13,4 kg) ~ 1 kg heavier than the efneo Strida (12,4 kg).
(Accurate data will follow.)

Also appeared the question about the unusual 349 rim size - what’s the advantage?
This comparison image should tell


Those 4-349 Scorcher tyres are HUGE! :smiley: Wider = more grip / 16 inch but larger than 18" - soaks up more road bumps.

What is the PSI for them? I can’t tell.
Do they have more rolling resistance? Does it take more effort to pedal to maintain speeds?

The Efneo prototype honestly looks TOO GOOD! If they are selling I’ll consider one for sure ! Better top speed than EVO - so YES PLEASE! :sunglasses:

Hi Willie - you’re right, they are really huge - which is very odd because they’re 16" tyres.
Just the previous rims were not adequate for this special one, had to make better wheels immediately :sunglasses:

Here are a few more, together with the new Strozzapreti 355-25 tyre;

Scorcher 349 tyres pressure range is 40 - 100PSI (2,8 - 7 bar)
Max. load 80 kg


Strozzapreti 355: max. 115PSI (8 bar)
Max load 65 kg
Joseph Kuosac

Left Kojak, middle Strozzapreti, right Scorcher :laughing:

Can someone please comment on the Kuosac tires and puncture protection, especially when compared to Kojaks or Scorchers??

Hi Lolalala,

I’m afraid it’s too early to ask this question; the Strozzapretis are not that long on the market.

This is a modification I made three months after I received efneo gto

Edit November 2023:
The Strida efneo GTRO kit is not any longer available.