It seems that there'll be geared version of Strida later

From: schlumpf innovations
Date: 2007/10/15 Mon PM 02:21:57 HKT
To: Amuro Lee
Subject: Re: Can speed-drive be installed on Strida?

Dear Amuro,

thanks for your inquiry.
We are just discussing this issue with the Strida maker, as there is a lot of interest in this matter.
Please contact us later this year again. Thanks.

Best regards

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On 15.10.2007 0:14 Uhr, “Amuro Lee” wrote:

Strida 5.0 “Sport” is a single speed folding bicycle that some owners want to install
speed-drive on it to make it run faster.

Can speed-drive be installed on belt-driven bicycle like Strida? If not, would
you plan to make a special version of speed-drive for Strida series?

Subject: Re: Can speed-drive be installed on Strida?
Date: Sun, 06 Jan 2008 23:10:03 +0100
From: schlumpf innovations
To: Amuro Lee

Dear Amuro,

we sent a speed-drive to Strida and are waiting for their results. They told
me a few weeks ago, that they are working on a solution.

Best regards


On 3.1.2008 18:36 Uhr, “Amuro Lee” wrote:

Dear Florian,

How is the progress of the discussion of the issue now? Thanks!



cool! :slight_smile:

any update?


Not at the moment. :frowning:

They’ve found the solution finally.
[url]Strida Mini and the 2-speed Strida in Korea]

Hi there.
I have been searching for high and low for the actual gear ratio of the different version of the Strida and come up empty. Anyone have any idea what are the gear ratio for Strida 3, 5 and the 2 speed. Thanks.

I have found somewhere saying that Strida 5 is 52T:12T and 52T:18T. Anyway to verify which is true or both are wrong?

PS. Unless someone can go through the pain of counting notches(teeth). :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure if this will help you, but on the French Strida site it has the following information for the Strida 5MAS:

“2 vitesses 46.5 et 76.7 dents”

I must say, it is getting a bit confusing with all of the different models out there now!

And that link to the Hong Kong site with all of the different colours and gear makes me green with envy! :mrgreen:

Thanks StridaD.

“2 vitesses 46.5 et 76.7 dents” Using the google translator…
2 speed 46.5 and 76.7 teeth.
How in world do they make .5 and .7 teeth??
Anyway, it translate to 1.65 ratio. and this roughly means that one is able to cycle 25% faster…probably less when taken friction into account.

The site did also mention like 59 teeth. But what is the original ratio?

PS. This french site is a great site for Strida fans. Lots of nice variants.
PPS. But why are they using Singapore Skyline as header?

There is loads of info on the site - just download the PDF brochure to see 2009 models

ALSO check out the NEW website good job Ming !