in nyc: folding 216 joint on the strida 3 doesn't work

the switch on part 216 on my strida 3 no longer releases the switch, so the bike no longer folds out of the triangle configuration. Does anyone have any advice as to what would be wrong with it and what part(s) i might need to replace?

i’m near new york city. Also, are there any dealers anyone knows about that are knowledgeable about stridas in NYC?

i love my strida but it would be nice if it folded up again.


Hello robin,

I’m indeed sorry to hear that…

To understand the function of release lever of the steering pin please take a look on the drawings of the patent M328409,
mentioned here:]
U.S version [url]

(I mean you will just need the drawings.)

Or here: [url]How does the bottom bar latch work?]

I guess the latch (part 13) did stuck on the small pin (part 132), due to rust (?).
Maybe you can make it moveable again by using some oil.

If that does not work, you might consider to replace the complete Strida 216 (steering pin).
(At least the Austrian Strida parts collectors do have it in stock :slight_smile: )

Sorry, but I’ve got no valid info about Strida dealers near NYC, please ask Bill from Strida Canada West,
maybe he is able to help you: