How to reconnect seat tube to front?

Strida 5. Arrived today. When practicing folding the seat tube disconnected from the front tube…there’s a ball joint there and I can’t reconnect the two tubes. I am reluctant to apply too much pressure for fear of breaking the plastic fitting. What am I missing, what don’t I understand?

I am not new to bikes, but new to Strida. This isn’t making sense to me. Strida’s website is down and there’s no telephone tech support, no local dealer.


Hello Mark,

please go here Quick way for getting the Ball Joint back in place.

You’re right, the Strida website is off and the first “here” link will not work, for the second you’ll need registering (?).

But the youtube video is working, below are screenshots of “Tips from Mark.pdf”.

Update 9:40: is online again!

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Your suggestion works. I was getting frustrated and angry with the problem and myself for causing it which is the time to walk away from a bike and seek expert help. Thank you!

I never thought I would fix a bike with a leather belt and a stick…