Quick way for getting the Ball Joint back in place

A quick way for getting the ball joint back in place without any tools.

Comment by Mark Sanders:

"The method in the video was a method devised by Steven at Strida Singapore - It works OK, but is a bit violent, and if not done on a carpetted floor it can scratch the paint on top of the bike … but yes it can be used. It can also be pushed back by hand … if you are strong enough !!

I would rather recommend the method shown here - or HERE (on my site) which is slightly less damaging to the plastic.

HOWEVER, THE most important thing users should be aware of is…
a) avoid situations which cause the ball to be foreced out … ie when the bike is not a triangle (in riding mode), and not folded up, the ball joint is more vunerable, ie the front tube must not be allowed to put stain on the ball joint. (the ball IS dsigned to come out to avoid damage to the ball, or its mounting.

b) Strictly speaking (ie for MAXIMUM safety), if a ball forced out like this, the plastci socket (2 halves) should be replaced, as it has been stretched. However although the ball socket is now slightly weaker, the bike is OK for NORMAL riding as when riding ALL the forces push the ball INTO the socket. The only danger would be if a user does stunts (eg kerb hopping, hitting deep potholes etc.) … but such thing may also damage the rider :slight_smile: so not recommended anyway !!!"

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I introduced the tips of Mark Sanders to Korean Strida users several times.

But the method on the video is still popular in Korea. :laughing:

possibly dumb question:

in what situation will you find yourself needing to pop the ball socket back into it’s joint?

i mean, i can’t figure out when this might be an issue
(then again, i’m very very very careful with my strida 8^D)

As I remember vaguely Mark Sanders do mention that this happen
now and then when people are not so careful as you are.

the do the folding in wrong order and when they loose concentration
they drop it to the floor. The front goes in one direction and the back in the other and pop it has popped out of its socket.

I stood in a shop and practiced to fold it and unfold it and was lucky it
didn’t happened to me there. I felt that if one made the wrong move
it actually could. As long one do the right thing it never happen but
if one get distracted by a phone call or something then maybe one
don’t realize it could happen?

I wouldn’t worry … Its only at the stage when the bottom tube is disconnected, before the wheels are clipped together. In this position if the front tube is pushed forward (quite a long way), eventually, the next resistance comes from the ball in the socket… now, if someone is REALLY stupid they might continue pushing against this resistance… and then something has to give !! To avoid anything breaking, the ball is forced out of the socket … ie like dislocating shoulder rather than breaking a bone … it is then that the ball would need putting back as in tips or video.

(actually, I am not sure about how a shoulder joint becomes dislocated … but it is also a ‘ball in socket’ joint and I know many people who have dislocated shoulders, and then put the ball back - seemed like a good analogy :slight_smile: … if a little painful !!! )

There is a picture in the tips sheet on www.strida.us