how to get ball back in socket

I’m a mechanic, working on a friend’s Strida. I’ve never worked on a Strida before.

I managed to true the rear wheel. That was a challenge, because it’s small, and because it looked too hard to remove from the bike.

My problem is that in trying to lubricate the rear brake cable, I removed the ball from the socket at the top of the frame. That part was hard, and now I can’t get the ball back in. I’ve used extreme force, and that’s clearly not the answer. There must be a technique of finesse.


Also, I would love to replace the rear brake cable housing, but am I asking for more trouble?


Tom Reingold
Maplewood, NJ, USA

Hi Tom,

Problem 1:
Point B) General Tips 3.

Or: … 542897454#

Problem 2:
Here a series of pictures (including how-to in english) about changing the brake cable can be found: … rake+cable
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There’s another thread talking about this, too. :wink:
[url]Quick way for getting the Ball Joint back in place]

I thank both of you. I did search through the forum before asking, but I didn’t see that thread.

I will try it today. Wish me luck. I will tell you if it works.