How to adjust outer disk brake pad?

My strida brake levers started reaching the handlebars, so I decided to adjust the brakes =)

Strida 5 manual (p.17) says to screw the part which looks like a 4-pointed star (in the exploded drawing that part is #8 of 340-04 (caliper)). Judging by its shape it should be turned by hand, but I can not do it =(
Do I need stronger fingers or just some tool with big lever to accompilsh it?

Of course I have unscrewed that small blocking bolt on the side of the caliper before trying.

Part # 8 is really hard to move, maybe you are able to move it with four fingers of both hands (like I do).

If not you might use a pipe wrench (gaspipe pliers), but please beware of scratches.


Yes, thank you. I was clueless not to use both hands. Adjusting front caliper was quite easy when using four fingers. However rear caliper required a wrench anyway (due to greater amount of dirt there, I guess).

Fine to hear that one problem is solved. :smiley:
(Sorry, no idea for the snubber.)

…in this spirit…