Adjust outer brake pad Strida 5

Hello Strida Forum, although I’me not new to Strida bikes, it is my first post here on this forum. So I hope I am posting this Problem/Question like I suppose to do it…

I am running into a problem in adjusting the rear brakes of my Strida 5. In the manual there are clear instructions about adjusting the inner brake pad, but not so clear about the outer brake pad.
As showen on page 14 of the user manual ( … txNEU/view) there should be a screw which is used to adjust the outer brake pad. This is also mentioned on one of the posts on this forum (How to adjust outer disk brake pad?).

Now comes my great mystery. On the Strida 5 there is no such screw. According to Strida Canada ( the barrel adjusters could be used for this purpose to. But when I adjust those two, just enough to place the brake pad as close as possible to the brake disc, there is no room left for my brake cable clamp to brake at all.

The outer brake pad looks just as thick as the inner brake pad. Also my Strida is only 1/2 years old. So I don’t think my problems comes from worn pads.

I also have a Strida 3. This Strida does have the screw which I mentioned earlier.
Here some pictures to illustrate my issue.
The rear brake of my Strida 5
The read brake of my Strida 3. Here you see the screw.

This is the screw.
The rear brake of my Strida 5. On which I am trying to adjust the outer brake pad more closer to the brake disc.

I hope anyone could help me out.

Hello Anne,

welcome at Stridaforum :smiley:

Well…it is like Bill said - the barrel adjusters are nowadays intended to adjust the outer pads, you can find this info also in the CD manual.
The document “Disc Brake.pdf” refers to your, newer version of the brake calipers,
“Colourful Disc brake.pdf” is in fact the older version which is shown at the user manual.

In your case - I believe - may have happened something with the actuation mechanism inside of the caliper. As this could generate a safety issue I’d recommend to replace the caliper.

You wrote that your Strida is young - did you buy at a local store?

Hello Blackstridaaustria,

Thank you for your reply. I bought it at a local, official, Strida reseller (Rotterdam, Netherlands).
So perhaps I will pay them a visit. But I never received a CD at my purchase. So I will ask for this item to.

Good idea to ask your dealer regarding the caliper.
It’s not worth to insist on the CD, the complete English content are ~ 24 Mb and the before mentioned pdf’s are below 100 kb in size.
They can be sent via email, too :wink: