Handlebar fell off (Strida Mini)

The right handlebar fell off from my son’s Strida Mini when he was trying to unfold the bike. Normally the handlebar should hang from a pin (arrow in the picture below; hopefully the picture will show) that acts as a hinge when the bike is folded. This pin goes all the way through the handlebar and sticks out from both sides of the handlebar.

Somehow the pin fell out, and with the pin, the handlebar also fell out and is now hanging only from the brake lever cable.

I pushed the pin back in (as shown in the photo), but I can’t figure out how to push the handlebar back in when the pin is in place. I can push in and attach the handlebar after removing the pin, and the bike is still drivable. So this problem only affects the folded state of the bike.

I would appreciate any suggestions. I have contacted the vendor (brandscycle.com) but they didn’t have an immediate solution and said that they would get back to me.

Hello MaskedMarvel,

please try steps 5 - 9 of the bended handle bar manual:


to remount the loose bar.

You’re welcome to ask again if you have trouble… :smiley:

@Blackstridaaustria: Many thanks for the info. This seems to be what I needed to know.

one of my handlebars bar has popped out further than it should and i cant see how it goes back in!
there are two prongs on opposite sides of the end of the handlebar which clearly locate it once in place but how to get it there?
any ideas please?
the professor

Hello professor,

JFYI: Strida 1 didn’t have foldable handlebars… :wink:

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…for an actual Strida, to relocate the handlebar, you will need to untighten the clamp bolt (part. nr. 262) first.
Then the clamp can be opened (more) and the handlebar unmounted completely.
Now it should be possible to identify the location of the grooves (for the brass bolt p. nr 21-14-1).
After that it will be more easy to remount the handlebar;
both ends of the brass bolt (or pin) should have equal distance from the (imagined) axis of the handlebar.
(Part nrs can be found at the drawings of the Strida manual below page 11)

Please read also here:

Folding handlebars loose when lever is tightened-Right only

Did you have the problem of loose, shaky handle bars before (while locking lever 215-06 in locked position)?