Folder Race

Anyone else fancy their chances in the folder race at the Smithfield Nocturne?

Next Saturday the 23rd in London

I emailed the organisers and there’s a few spaces left even though the deadline has passed.

£15 entry fee. 1st prize is a Dahon MuSL

Literally a couple of minutes before the race started the heaven opened with a deluging torrent or torrential rain. We withdrew to the shelter of the meat market till the worse had past, then lined our bikes up for the le Man’s style start.

I got away fast and almost came ended up on the tarmac when the brompton in front of me swung his rear out on the 1st corner. I nudged
him a bit but he kept it upright and no harm was done.

I was the only Strida rider and was caught on camera

Unable to keep up with the multi-geared opposition, mostly Bromptons, on the back inclined straight I finished halfway down the field.

The atmosphere was amazing. Fellow competitors were friendly. And even though we were soaking before the start a good time was had by all. The spectators were fab, keeping us pushing through the rain and spray. There were even a few folks out there cheering for the Strida :slight_smile:

The winner, Richard Baileyrode anxootr and brought it home running with his rear tyre flat on the rim through the last two corners.


How was the course set up?

How did the various bikes do with the unfolding? Did they have to fold it at the end as well? (I imagine the Strida would do better if there were more folding/unfolding segments to simulate buses, trains, etc.).

Good show James!

Half way down the field isn’t bad for one gear :slight_smile:

Your pic’ is certainly better than the podium pic’! Are there any more photo’s?

I see they managed to spell it wrong (Stida.)

I’m out riding in between showers here :slight_smile:

@ dmnobrien
I too think that more (un)folding would favour the Strida. I’ve got another folder now too, but am still not sure that occasional gear slips, chain falling off & greasy trouser leg bottoms are worth it! For many rides, the Strida’s still the best - much more reliable :slight_smile:

The Swift is probably trivial to fold, as it’s not very compact I believe?

We were lined up about 3 deep across the width of the road. At the drop of the flag we about 15 yards to our folded bikes, then had to carry or push them the same distance again before we could assemble and mount them.


I would have liked to have seen more folding and maybe some traffic to weave through, escalators etc.

The organisers did apollogise for the typo.

Onlookers seemed to be more entertained with the folding race than the others, maybe it was just the sight of sopping wet people in shirts and ties, some had full suits. There were two women one dressed, on skirted. Happily no one hit the hay bales that I saw. Though I hear a messenger in a separate race did, knocking back the temporary metal railings behind it, before continuing apparently unscathed. They’re made of strong stuff those couriers.

I think this guy was 2nd in the folder race on a Giant Halfway, possibly Angus MacAlister

Look at this brompton lean

Me not being a blur

utube start video

Try searching on for “smithfield nocturne” for more images.

Well done James !! The condtions looked absolutely awful - like riding over a river, in a thunderstorm !

i think if it had been more focused on folding, unfolding and portability rather than just unfold and outright speed you would have probably won.

Nevertheless fantastic result !!