First Strida, first model?

I’m currently in the market for a folder bike and Strida seems to me the best option.
There are several second hand available online, I can’t afford a new one.

The one I have my eye on is a 1st model Strida. From what I understand that is a pretty old bike.
Are there any serious disadvantages to owning the 1st model? Are there mayor technological differences between an old one and a newer one?
From what I can tell only the luggage carrier is missing. This isn’t a real deal breaker for me. I hardly carry luggage.

Could any of you advise me on this matter? Or would it be more wise to save some money and byu a newer one.
I do fancy the one with bigger rims and the 2-speed gearing, but that is currently out of my league.

I wouldn’t buy an older one (Strida 1, Strida 2 or even Strida 3) because you can have problems to get spares.

I posted here that my Strida 3 has cracks in the frame, the new models have been improved with a new design.


This is a detail of the old one:

And this is the new one:

The luggage carrier is not only to carry things, it is useful to lay the bike on the floor.