Secondhand Strida buyers advice/tools

I’ve posted before a little while ago. The Strida I was going for wasn’t what I expected it to be.
Now I’m looking at another and figured it would be good to have a compact basic toolkit.
Are there tools you would definitely bring to a sale and points you would definitely look at.
What would be considered a deal-breaker? A loose handlebar? Play in the wheel bearing?

I’m pretty adept at fixing bikes old and new. But the Strida is completely new to me. I’ve never seen the inner workings of the bearing tubes or something with similar side mount.

Thanks in advance for any advice you may give me. :slight_smile:

Agree to Carlos71: Nowadays I’d stay away from models before the 5 version.

Maybe a few Allen keys to look for loose bolts, the most important tools you already own, I mean:
Your experience, some feeling for bike mechanics, curiosity and a bit patience (sorry for the late reply, btw…)
Well, an internet connection you might also need for some Strida details :wink:
I mean we’ve collected here really much useful info; just to find exactly the required one can be very hard…
Please try also the forum search (upper right), it’s not that bad.
And if you can’t find anything - you’re welcome to ask.

Anyway I’d recommend to take a look at the posts with many replies/views,
note also that titles are sometimes misleading.

Did you take a look at the parts drawings?
You can find them in the manuals, a closer look will tell you many things about the part functions I believe.
For example here, page 14 - 16 of the pdf.

Where’s my post? :open_mouth:

Don’t worry dear Carlos71, it’s here.
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Mactire wrote two similar posts, as you answered to the other I thought I take this one :wink:

Check the freewheel if it’s really worn out. Indicator that it’s really used so you can bargain for a lower price.

Thank you all for your replies.
Some time has past and I did buy the bike.
I had contact with one of the forum members and that was a big help.

In the end I didn’t bring much tools. Just Allan Keys (8,6,4,2) and a 15 wrench.
My intention was to get the bike and walk/carry it home, I travel by train mostly.
However, due to delay and maintenance on the tracks I ended up driving the bike home most of the way!

The seller noted some troubles with the bike, all of them should have been maintenance jobs. Like adjusting a brake or tightening a bolt.

Since I didn’t have any previous experience with Strida Blackstridaaustria’s tips were a big help.
I did miss the wear/bend on the handlebar lock however. Resulting in a loose left handlebar.
I did manage to fix that, I’ll make a separate post for that later.

Also the brake pads didn’t need adjusting. They needed replacing ^^ The pads were worn down to the metal and didn’t brake anymore. I have serious trouble loosening the caliper adjustment bolts. So I ordered new calipers to be safe. And I liked the bright red ones better ^^

To cut a long story short, when buying a Strida you dont’need to bring an entire toolkit. Basically only the Allan Keys are enough.