Evo 3 gear shifting problem

I have a problem with my Evo 3 gears. After cycling for around 1 km the gear slips/jump in low gear. Feels like jumping a tooth. In the higher 2 gears I dont have this problem. During a normal 5km cycle using only low gear it happens on average 3 times. Has this happen to anyone before? The bike is only 2 months old and during the first month never happened.

Hello derrickvan1,

your issue seems to be unusual and we can hardly reproduce it - I think you’ll need local, professional help!
Is there any chance for you to get in contact with the local Strida distributor?

One Fine Bicycles
Address: 27/2, Lasan 23 yeak 6, Sukumvit 105
Bangna, Bangkok, Thailand 10260
Tel: 66 02 744 4077, 66 08 7595 7417

You might also try here to ask where to find a good (Strida) mechanic:
STRiDA Club Thailand

Thanks for the help. Yes I bought the bike from the dealer but very slow to reply and was told today they dont carry any spares for the Evo 3 in Thailand. So once I have send to them not sure how long I will be without the bike and they can not say. I will try the contact of the mechanic and thanks for that.

According to some new info - which I got minutes ago - there happened actually some cases of gear skipping.
I’ve also heard that Sun Race pays the shipping and repairs the drives,
but they will not honour the warranty if the unit was taken apart!
Therefore I’d suggest don’t even think of repairing by yourself or unofficial staff, otherwise you would loose warranty!
On your place I’d also try to contact Sun Race directly in Taiwan:

It seems that you’re not really satisfied with the support of your local dealer;
you might contact Ming cycle too and tell them about.

For my meaning it should not be a problem; an experienced mechanic could simply exchange the complete gear unit 1:1 with another new EVO.
Your local distributor should have such an employee (I hope?)…

Just to give you an update on my gear problem,my bike was delivered to the dealer finaly on Monday late afternoon. After many e-mails and unanswered phone calls,finaly got hold of the dealer and was told they can not find the problem. I explained to them that they need to go for at least 1 km before the problem will be experienced. Only to be told that they can not test it where they are and will do so on the weekend and let me know on Monday!

Very disipionted and not getting any help from the dealer. I have send more than 1 e-mail to the builders as well in Taiwan but no answers.

Well what to do in this case. Clearly my warranty means nothing after my money was taken. I am now stuck without my bike and a dealer that is not helpfull at all.

I will keep you posted regarding this and can only hope this will be solved soon. I might have to get the bike back and right of the warranty and fix this problem myself.

Hello derrickvan1, I may be able to help you as I have experience with having the EVO gear box repaired. If you PM your serial number and contact info I will forward it to both my contacts at Strida and Sun-Race. They have been helpful to me with solving a similar problem and from my experience they both will want to fix this problem. Your problem seems to be more of a dealer or distributor who doesn’t want to help.

regards, Bill http://www.stridacanada.ca

Hi Bill,

Many thanks for the reply and will contact you shortly. just an update,I got my bike back from the dealer however STILL the same problem! Clearly he is not capable to fix the problem as surly he did not test the bike before sending back. I was told that there was a problem with the belt but find that hard to beleive as it does not slip on the belt.

Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.

Just an update regarding the ongoing problem with my Evo 3. Finally the dealer have found the same problem I am having after making an effort to test the bike. Now Taiwan wants a video showing the problem! Unbeleivable! How many more weeks/months would I have to wait before they can decide how to resolve the problem.

I now have been without my bike for over 1 month now and no end in sight. All I want is to get it back fixed,sell it as fast as possible and Strida will never see me again. It is a shame as I beleive it is a great product, however when something goes wrong the warranty clearly stands for nothing. I that bought the bike just need to wait as long as it takes for them to decide how to resolve the problem.

Well so I have learned my lesson and Strida has lost a client and as long as I live I will never be able to say any good about Strida warranty and unfortenattely that effects the product itself as well.

Thank you…what a pity :imp:

Just one thing is a good idea: A video!
If possible please upload this video on youtube,
it could be also very helpful for others to identify or compare the failure.
We are still trying to find a direct connection to Ming,
it should be in their highest interest to solve the issue asap :confused:

Just an update regarding my Evo,I got the bike back with a new gearbox and all working as should be. Thanks for all the suport and a big thanks to Bill that went out of his way to help.
I will try to get some feedback as to what was wrong with the gears.
I am enjoying the bike again and hopefully will have many miles put on in the future. :smiley:


Thank you Derrick, I hope you are a Strida Fan again and I am pleased that I was able to help you in getting your bike repaired. Our world is a lot smaller than it once was!

cheers Bill Wilby http://www.stridacanada.ca


On another post i explained that my KS3 gear box was the cause of creaking noises.
It has been replaced under warranty and then creaking noises have disapeared.
The new gear box was sent from Taiwan.

But, a new problem happens now, and it is more serious : the same as you describe here.
On the lower gear, the speeds jump quite often especially when pedaling hard.

For example when climbing a hill, it often jumps 3 times!
When happening, the KS3 makes one void turn.
Very dangerous because the rider loses its balance…

I asked a new time for a repair of the KS3, maybe I will have a new new one!
But it will mean a new long period without my Strida :cry:
And I am still waiting for the answer of the vendor.

Does someone know if it is possible to adjust the gear shifting system by ourselves without opening the box ? It seems to me that it is not possible…


I don’t think that there are any adjusting mechanisms reachable from outside.
Also - if there would be a chance - there are no infos available on how to adjust :confused:

I’ve heard of drives which were refurbished in Taiwan, sent back - and failed again.
It seems better you insist to get another replacement drive - try to mark your old drive with a small, unremarkable sign :wink:

Force your dealer to stock at least 1 or 2 complete replacement units :imp:

I will insist to have a new one :slight_smile: