ChainWheel replacement for Strida 5 ?


My first post on the Strida forum.

Been looking for online shops for a replacement of the plastic chainwheel on my Strida, seems like the Alloy Chainwheel (areaware CYSP-CW1) it is out of stock everywhere :open_mouth:

Is there anyone who has replaced the plastic one ? And what size is there to look for ?

Have also been looking into the famous Schlumpf kit for strida, but i am very happy with the gear-ratio as it is on my (single speed) Strida. …oh, did i mention that the Schlumpf kit for strida is about $1100 (all included) to Norway :open_mouth:

Been out of luck looking for a plastic replacement so far, have even contacted a lot of online shops (& Strida US and Europe) without any luck so far.

Is there any chance of a replacement for the plastic chainwheel ?

Hello onatopp,

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I’ve been looking for an alloy belt wheel for months, so I think the only chance to get alloy wheels in hands (as European) will be to buy those parts in Hongkong directly.

B. r.

Hello B.r.

Thanks for the reply B.r., do you have any internet-addresses or something in Hong Kong for me to check out?

(strangely there has been no hit on my friend (Google) about ChainWheel and Hong Kong…

Strida Norway!

Hi onatopp,

You can e-mail via this address:

Who is ?
[url]Mark Sanders in Hong Kong]

Just tell your situation. I think he can help you on this. :wink:


Hello Amuro.

Thanks for the reply, and i will contact Mr. and check it out. There is probably others interested in this issue as well, so i will be posting any interesting findings regarding this chainwheel replacement.


Thanks Amuro,

Thanks !

Seems to be possible to bring those wheels to Europe, but:

Which means, depending on shipping costs, costs for customs duty and postage handling, such a wheel will set you back for at least 150 €… :confused:

Hi Onatopp,

according to this:

the correct Strida Part Nr. is ST-CW-001, ST-CW-003 or ST-CW-004 (depending on colour).


found here:

ST-CW-003, ST-CW-004

Sadly these belt wheels are sold including cranks, I would prefer something like that :

:sunglasses: :wink:

from here: [url]CNC titanium-coloured front pulley]


Strida Part Nr. is ST-CW-001 is the one i am looking for. Thanks for the links, but the interesting link regarding the ST-CW-001 is in Chinese :stuck_out_tongue: Even my old friend Google-translate did not help much.

The answer from Areaware today:

Thank you for your interest in the Alloy Chainwheel. This is a special order part and can take up to two to six months to arrive. You may place your order online at and we will process as quickly as possible

Yes, brought by a courier on a seahorse, directly from USA…HOW long?

Did you see their shipping costs ?
Purchasing one pair of folding pedals, for 80 $, the “Grand Total” would be 172.14 $ ! :open_mouth: :unamused: :imp:

Got an e-mail from Areaware today!

Although my Chinese is far from perfect is there anything I could do to help? For example on the addone Taiwan website the price for the ST-CW-001 is 4,500 Taiwan dollars, which is roughly US$153.

Hello Golfmade!

Thank you very much for trying to help. The addone-site requires a membership (that is okey) but the county/region/town are all in Asia somewhere, there are no options for Europe or other countries. So it makes it difficult to finish the membership and place an order :open_mouth:

Do you think there might be a way around this ?

…and sorry for my somewhat poor English (not to mention my Chinese) :laughing:

Strida Norway.

When I have time I will try to examine the website further and see if I can find a way to help you (and others). I’m quite busy recently but I will try soon to help.

Oh and hello to Norway :smiley:

About Strida ChainWheel: ST-CW-001

Or just Twitter!

I bought a Strida LT recently and started riding it, but found that the chainwheel / sprocket / front pulley is warped, and rubs the frame. I tried contacting many places, but have been unable to get any assistance, not regarding warranty for the STRIDA parts nor any replacement parts. I have contacted these places:


I think this bike would be really cool, but I am sad about the quality of the plastic sprocket, and that the company does not seem to stand behind its product. If anyone has any suggestions, I’m open. A specialty bike like this should have durable parts, especially if it is so difficult to find parts. I suspect that this was a great bike company when it was in the U.K., but quality may have dropped off since transfer to Hong Kong. A weak plastic chainwheel which is the main piece to make this bike move seems like a bad idea in the first place. I wouldn’t mind paying for a metal version of this, even if it’s heavier, but some level of quality would be nice. Awesome concept, but not made for public consumption, not until they’ve got some dealers & parts available. I have pictures available if anyone wants to see them; I’m having trouble posting an image here.

Hello davistrida,

I’m sorry that you have trouble with the plastic beltwheel and I wonder that nobody was able to help you.
Also I’ve never heard of a warped beltwheel, but maybe you got accidentally an especially bad one.
Naturally we would like to see pics of the beltwheel, if the following post does not help;


you might consider to send the pics to my email account, then I could post them for you.

Please mailto:

(Replace [at] with @)

Wow that’s a huge defect! I would bring it back to the store you bought it from and they should fix that problem. It’s one of the strong points of buying bikes with an actual local distributor. If all else fails you can go to the HK guys . They will carry and can order any part you need.

One more question:
Is your chainwheel touching the frame constantly or just that part of the chainwheel rubs the frame? because if it’s constantly you might want to check out your bottom if it was on correctly on both sides.

Yeah. I checked with my local dealer, but they say that STRIDA has recently changed their distributor so they have no way to get new parts, and they no longer have an account with Strida. I’m not sure who the new distributor is; this is the list I was going by -

so, I don’t know if ecyclesupply is still the distributor anymore; I haven’t been able to make contact with them; no phone number, just a SUBMIT webform available.

I bought the bike through Groupon in partnership with ecyclesupply (East Coast Cycle Supply).

I suspect that Ecyclesupply is no longer the distributor, and they partnered with Groupon to purge their inventory.

So, now I’m left with hunting around. If anyone knows who the new US DISTRIBUTOR is, I would be interested. Thanks!

Out of curiosity, what about Areaware?