Belt went off, twisted and tore


today my belt went off and tore. I already had problem with sliding of the belt to the wheel side of the rear gearwheel. It always stuck between the disc brake and the gearwheel and blocked the rear wheel. This happened 4 times but I never found the cause of the problem, even after browsing this forum. The tension was appropriate and teeth on the gearwheel (standard plastic one) are not worn.

Today it happened again and the belt almost completely tore. Now I have two questions:

  1. Where can I buy new belt and how much is it? The bike is strida 5. I live in Slovakia.
  2. Do you have some suggestions, how to solve the problem with the belt going off, so I do not ruin another belt?

Thank you, I also attach some pics…

Hi BAbiker, have you checked if the rear wheel is loose or has side to side play? Have you checked the rear hinge joint is tight?
This post on my website might help regarding the rear hinge.

I can ship parts to you if you can’t find them closer, shipping time is about 10 days.


Just a short while ago I’ve replied to the same problem, appeared at a German foldingforum:

Strida Riemen verdreht / Mysterium

It’s a known issue; according posts are also here:

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Thank you for your prompt reply, Bill.

The rear wheel seems to be ok, it is not loose or not trued at all. The rear hinge is tight, not wobbly.

How much would cost the belt + shipping?

Thank you for the suggestions. I already knew the Belt twisted twice discussion, the others are new to me.

I just checked the Part 338 and it is damaged - the ring broke from the core. So, probably this can be at least part of the problem.

So, now it seems that I have to replace at least the belt, the Part 338 and maybe the rear pulley as well? Where can I get all these spare parts? Bill, do you supply all spare parts?

Hi, yes I have those parts and I added Slovakia to the website. The cost of the belt and shipping is about 30 Euros. I do have part 338. Please email me if I can help more.


You need also the freewheel removal tool “T”,
[url]Strida workshop tool guide],
please let me know if you can’t find it locally :wink: