ball bearing/ female section of the joint BROKEN

Hi!! I’m Sebastian from Argentina, I got my Strida almost 6 months ago and now the ball bearing in the female section of the joint that clicks the body together is broken, someone knows how to fix it?
I don’t know if it is a risk using it like this. Please help me :cry:

Hello Sebastian,

sorry to hear that, do you mean the bearings Strida part nr. 100-03 and 100-04?
(Please refer to the “exploded drawing 5.0” at page 14 of the Strida manual
Strida manual.pdf)

The changing of these bearings is not really difficult, but special tools are needed
(at least a slide hammer and a bearing extractor, mentioned already here and there.)

Do you have any pics of the damage?

Hi!! thanks for your help, i do have pics but i don’t know how to upload it. Do you know where I can get the bearing in the UK? It is the 100-103 bearing.

Hi Sebastian,

for picture uploading you might refer to here,
and please see also your private mail :wink:

Hm, the bearing…sadly I don’t know if British Strida dealers these have in stock…
Strida distributor

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May I suggest that you simply google for “ball bearing 6802Z” (in case of 100-03),
Google will refine your search automatically, depending on your location.

Example result “ball bearing 6802Z+united kingdom”:

Thanks for your help. I got the bearing and now my strida is in a Bike store waiting to be fixed.

Hello Sebastian,

I happen to be in the UK and have the same issue with my strida. Would you mind providing more information on how you get the ball bearing and get the strida fixed? Thank you very much in advance.

IH at Edinburgh

Hello ihedin,

Sebastian was logged in the last time on 21st January, we don’t know if and when he will be here again.
But maybe I can assist you somehow?
What exactly do you want to know?

Kind regards,


Dear BSA,

Thank you for your kind and prompt reply. My 100-03 also fell off from my 5.0 when I tried to unfold it the other day. However I cannot find an authorised dealer here in Edinburgh. I would like to know whether this is a task that can be accomplished by any competent bike store if I can get hold the part, which I still do not know how and where to get it. And it will be also helpful to have a ballpark on the cost of the repair. Thanks a lot!

Best regards,

IH at Edinburgh

Dear ihedin,

with good grace (hope it is correct to use that phrase instead of “gladly”?)

Indeed yes, a bearing change should not be a challenge for an experienced bike mechanic - preconditioned the mechanic has correct tools; a bearing extractor (bearing puller) with slide hammer for size 14-19 mm will be needed.

May I suggest that you simply call a bike workshop near you and ask if they are able to retract and reinsert 6802Z/6803Z bearings into an aluminium frame.
Found these by Google:

Both bearings are of usual sizes, you should be able to find them locally,
please google for 6802Z ball bearing for the upper bearing 100-03,
and 6803Z ball bearing for the lower 100-04, you might also ask the chosen workshop for these bearings.
For example:

Hmm, the costs…
Depending on quality, I’d say ~ 1 to ~ 5 pound per bearing and at most half an hour of work.
I mean a fair price would be in the range of 30 to 60 pounds overall…

Please let us know about the progress :smiley:

Dear Blackstridaaustria,

Thank you for your detailed and helpful reply, I will manage to print your reply out and check it with the local bike shops to see what they can do. WIll come back to update the progress once if I get my strida repaired. Thank you!

Best regards,