bearing housing STUCK in joint

Hi everyone,

I got my Stria LT in September 2012, and by May 2013 the bottom bearing for the connecting pin, part 100-04, had fallen out, just like as described in this post:
[url]ball bearing/ female section of the joint BROKEN]

I tried stuffing it back in myself, which was a mistake. It didn’t stay, and I ended up destroying the bearing and actually jamming the bearing housing in the bottom bracket. Here is a picture:

I called around to bike shops using Blackstridaaustria’s suggestion to ask “if they are able to retract and reinsert 6802Z/6803Z bearings into an aluminium frame.” One shop said yes, so I took it in.

I showed them Blackstridaaustria’s write-up, with tool requirements of “a bearing extractor (bearing puller) with slide hammer for size 14-19 mm.” After maybe 20 minutes of trying with me waiting, they asked me to come back later.

When they called me, they said they were unable to remove the bearing housing. They offered to try using a Dremel to cut it out, but I said no because I wanted to post to this forum first.

Has anyone else has had this problem? Any suggestions for how to fix it? Any special considerations for a Strida vs. a regular bike? Is it possible that the bike shop didn’t use the slide hammer and bearing extractor correctly?

I’ve looked online around “stuck bike bearing,” and found suggestions of trying to:

  • hit it out with a screwdriver tapped all around;
  • welding something to it and removing it (the heat is supposed to help);
  • making one cut with a Dremel and cutoff wheels and hitting the cut with a chisel to break it.

Anyone have a preference among these options?

And one other question for after I hopefully get the housing out. For the bearings, parts 100-03 and 100-04: does it matter how the bearing is put into the frame? Is one side supposed to be facing out?

Thanks for any help!


Hello jrose,

at Stridaforum!

What a pity…once again I’m thinking: “Why can’t you guys not just simply live around the corner…”

Well, one after another;
(what I really don’t get is that the bearing housing, or outer ring, at the picture looks like a thread ??), however, I do partially understand the trouble of the store…
More precisely in that case the question should be:
“Are you able to retract just the outer ring of a bearing (in some kind of blind hole)”
The bearing extractor’s edges are intended to work with the inner ring (size is based on inner ring diameter), maybe it’s better to use the next, bigger size for extracting the outer ring.
Moreover that have the edges to be sharp (to hook below the ring) and the torque of the bolt high.

In your case I’d really start working with a thin grinding cutter disc for Dremel…and yes, that’s nasty work, the effort for a complete change in DIY relatively high.
Alternatively, I’d also consider a new bottom tube; they’re not as expensive as you might think - and they come usually with the bearings mounted.
Perhaps you ask Bill for a quote:

Btw, better than a slide hammer (which can easily tilt) is for my meaning a special pulling device - these were not made just for fun :laughing:

For the bearings:
This size will (most likely) be manufactured in different types; meaning with one, two or without covers.
You should mount it depending on the type you get; if you get a bearing with just one cover - then has the cover; logically, to be on the outside :wink:

Same problem here. Apparently what looks like a thread is not some part of the broken bearing, thus it can’t be removed without damaging the bike frame. I’ve been trying to stuff a 6803-Z (actually ZZ) in the hole but it just won’t fit :cry:

You mean it is?
(What else should it be?)

Into which hole?
The upper (100-03) or lower (100-04) one?
The 6803 bearings are for the underside position, upwards you need a 6901 size.

I’m trying to replace the bottom bearing (100-04). What i see in my bike is identical to the picture posted above and I’m experiencing the same problems as the repairman who suggested dremel surgery. I did cut a little through the thread like thing you can see in the picture and it looks very much like it’s part of the frame (it explains why it was impossible to remove for the repairman, by the way). That left me scratching my head because it doesn’t make sense, since a 6803z bearing will never fit…

Hello Xciollax,

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Well, I’m indeed sorry; all I can tell you is…but see yourself…

Especially the “3” is hard to verify at the pic, but the dimensions are also matching 6803 - outer Ø 26 mm, inner Ø 17 mm.

Excuse the stupid question - but you’re sure to own a genuine Strida?

Do you have pics of yours?
(Of course you may send me pics also directly if you’re too busy for resizing and uploading :wink: )

Kind regards,


Hi Chris, thanks for your help!
Bike’s genuine Strida. I’ll take a picture to show you what the cut looks like, other than that, what you’ll see is identical to the old picture at the beginning of the thread.


Hello Marco,

thanks what for - I did nuffin’
Yes please, pics are good always :smiley:

Looking forward…

Best wishes,



Title is: a desperate man and his dremel…

Hi Marco,

something is wrong with your picture link…

I know, I’m working on it :mrgreen:

Using photobucket instead of google photos made it…


OK, looks like you did not get the ring out :question:

Like I said, this doesn’t look like a ring you can get out. It looks like it’s part of the frame. :confused:

Dear Marco,

hopefully you agree if I claim that your Strida, as it is genuine, will be built just like all the others - and not different.
I’m pretty sure there is still a ring, of course is the question who will get it out another thing…

Let’s start it simple and take a magnet, Ok?

  • Does it stick to the suspicious ring?
    (It does, but we have an Aluminium frame.)

Today I’ve cracked a bearing for us to have a look inside;

there are three grooves clearly visible in the outer bearing ring,
the big in the middle for the balls and the others for the two bearing covers.

Outer bearing ring laying on bottom tube:

Could it be that you’re almost cut through the steel ring,

and there is already a small area of the Aluminium appearing?

You could check that easily; just try to sting into this area with something spiky -
if you are able to create a tiny hole it’s for sure Aluminium,
most likely you can’t even scratch the very hard bearing ring!

The inside of the outer ring looks very much like what i see in my bike… I’ve already tried to pry the thing apart from the frame, I’ll try harder and let you know. Thanks again!

I love the animation BlackStridaAustria, there should really be a LIKE button on this forum. Yes there are several of us watching to see what will happen next with the stubborn bearing.

Good Luck, Bill

Hi Bill,

yes, me too, found these at
[size=70](not even sure if I may use them…)[/size]