7 speed STRIDA???


And here’s the Japanese blog:


(any translation will be welcome)

here’s a translation :slight_smile:

translate.google.com/translate?j … l=ja&tl=en

but the strida is like heavily modified he even redid the seat mount which was pretty cool. Well I don’t have my own machine shop so I guess mine will still be a single speed.

There has been a 5-speed Strida in Japan:
[url]Multi-speed modification on Strida]

I’ve been dreaming about installing a gear hub on Strida’s bottom bracket but do not have the welding skills to actually do it. So glad to see someone finally made it work. Ming Cycle probably would never go for a design like this though, since the system would heavy and expensive. :frowning:

I’d like to see a gearing option on Strida.
This way to do it though hurts twice
a) it spoil the proper solution a Strida is.
b) the hub’s planetary principle by cascading cogs (just transmission without any ratio)

Rather than this I’d keep single speed