18" wheeled modication on Strida 3

Perhaps you already know:

There’ll be optional 18" wheelsets for Strida 5 made by Ming Cycle (They’re already available in Korea picasaweb.google.co.uk/MAS.DPL/S … 0053835346);

Someone in Japan has modified the original wheels of a Strida 5 into 18";

However, you might not know that a memeber of Hong Kong Strida Club has modified the wheels of his Strida 3 into 18".

Maybe it is the first 18" wheeled Strida 3 in the world!
(Although there’s already a modified 14" wheeled Strida 3 in Japan: leonarhodo.exblog.jp/7193711/ )

Here are the photos:

Compares with Strida 1
Change it back to the original configuration easily

It’s more difficult to do such modification on a Strida 3 than on a Strida 5 due to structural differences between the hubs.
The original 16" wheel, fender and pedal.


Areaware (U.S. Strida distributor) has several accessories posted on their website, including the 18-inch wheelset, but some (like the wheels) have no shipping date and other items are not available until early next year. Still it is progress:
areaware.com/prodshow.asp?Ca … ubCatID=81

16" front wheel and 18" rear wheel


The cost of making a pair of 18" wheelset for Strida 3

The hubs for Strida 3: HK$400
Schwalbe Stelvio 18 x 1 1/8 tyres: HK$400 X 2
Schwalbe 18 x 1 1/8 inner tubes: HK$180 x 2
Alex Rims DA16: HK$180 X 2
DT Spokes + Manpower of lacing: over HK$600
Japanese waterproof bearing
Special rivets for Strida 3’s hubs, etc.

= over HK$3,000! :open_mouth:


…are those hubs still available by any chance…??

You might ask here:


Thank you: I will!
However I am quite hesitant about the conversion:
there seems to be not enough room for a bigger wheel

Unfortunately I’m not able to verify if 18 inch wheels will fit or not - I’ve never had a Strida 3 in hands.
However, below some thoughts:

According to the first pics of this post it should be possible.
I guess that the frames of Strida 3 and 5 are identical (except the bottom bracket) and it’s no problem to mount 18 inch wheels on a Strida 5.
You’re right, here is not much room leftover, but it does last.
Please note also that the width of suitable 18 inch tyres will be limited to 1,35 inch - in case of 16 inch wheels it is possible to use tyre widths up to ~ 2,00 inch.

I do have also concern, but they are regarding the hubs itself:

Did you notice the amount of spokes?
These hubs are built for 24 spokes, the Strida 18 inch hubs do have 36 spokes…
(I suppose these are 16 inch hubs, they’re simply not made for 18 inch rims.)
I do know that a few fans from Hong Kong did use 16 inch hubs to build lightweight 18 inch wheels, hmmm, that’s not a really safe decision…
Besides of the amount of spokes are the flanges of 18 inch hubs more wide than that of 16 inch versions.
(Already mentioned here:
[url]savings... - #4 by Blackstridaaustria])

And another argument might be the costs:
[url]Tiny wheel improvement - thoughts & facts]
(Please scroll up for ~ one screen height.)
Caution: Estimation without assembling costs!

Found by accident at a Korean website:


Complete 16 inch spoked wheel for ~ 30 €…