Xootr Crossrack on front of Strida?

Looking for ways to increase the carrying capacity of my Strida LT, I was inspired by a picture of a Moulton using the Xootr Crossrack on the front. Between the Crossrack’s specs and my tape measure, it looks like it could be mounted to the front tube and clear the handlebars if the Crossrack is tilted slightly forward.

Has anyone tried this? Any and all advice much appreciated.

It seems to me the rather burly base clamp/bracket of Xootr CrossRack would interfere with folding if you set it up high on your head tube. A lower position should work though.

Coincidentally, I just installed a Xootr CrossRack on my seat tube about a week ago. Still testing it but so far so good. I’ll write a post about it after some more testing. Don’t want to pass out (too much) shallow snap judgment here. :slight_smile:

Forgot to add: If you prefer a higher installation point on the head tube, Basil’s BasEasy System may do the trick:


It allows you to attach any compatible Basil bags and baskets via the quick release mechanism. There is even a version with built-in lock to prevent theft (big problem with quick release products). Download their catalog here:


If you’d like to use standard bike panniers instead of proprietary Basil products, this BasEasy Carrier Rack should work (just like Xootr CrossRack):