would strida be ok for hardpack gravel?

Hey I was wondering has anyone taken their strida through hard pack gravel trails with 18 inch kojaks? I usually do it on my old 16 inch wheels with the kenda’s and they work fine cause of the low pressure and my big spring saddle. But the kojaks seems to be too road specific only, did some people try and lose their teeth fillings in the process? the bike itself would easily handle it I think cause it’s not my first time on those type of trails with it, but I’m wondering about the tires I don’t want to damage them if they can’t take gravel ($40 usd per kojak isn’t cheap!). Oh yeah and no hills it’s totally flatland.

I’m afraid that the Kojak tyres are not so suitable for such kind of surface.

Maybe you can choose these cheaper Innova 18 x 1.35 tyres instead. :wink:

For such roads use Schwalbe BigApple.
They are not only wider and partially replace suspension but also increase wheel diameter and according to this increase gearinches ratio, maybe it is not so big difference like with 18inch wheels but difference is easy to feel.

Those innova tires look good actually I should probably get a pair and keep them incase for more places I go to that I know will be rough, I can easily swap out the kojaks in 20 mins without taking anything out with the nice monoforks. They look more durable for the hard stuff. But I would still use the kojaks for day to day commuting because they are really really good!

Some how with the 18 inch wheelset I thought it would be harder to pedal than the 16 inch, but this is not so it seems to roll with alot less effort and even uphills if I keep the momentum going! I’m comparing it to the kenda kwests that came with the bike pumped to 70 psi (5 beyond the recommended max).These tires are worth it if you use the bike alot.

As for the big apple I’m not sure if they would fit the 18 inch wheelset because even with the kojaks or probably marathon racers at 1.5", there seems to be very little space for a bigger tire before you end up scraping the frame. This is without the 18" fenders with the fenders it’s pretty much a deal breaker there.

I think the Marathon Plus can also be used on 18" wheeled Stridas.

They can. I’ve mounted Marathon Plus on my 18" Strida, which I’ve written about here: [url]18" mudguards mounted today on my 5.2 with Marathon Plus - #11 by ggoo888]

Still no flat tyres…

Since we’re on the talk of what can go on the 18 inch wheelset has anyone tried to mount some big apples on it? would be a very cushy and fast ride on rough streets. I know that the strida 5 is ok with the 16 inch big apples but I’m not sure about the 18 inch ones whether it is going to start hitting the top of the frame bend. I’m going to have to do some measurements tomorrow. Reason I’m checking into this is cause I ride my bike on gravel roads and I’m a run up to sidewalks once in awhile when things get busy and with kojaks it’s a really rough ride with the sidewalk!

Nevermind! I just did a search, should have done it before posting and yeah big apples are a no go on the 18 inch wheelset because of the frame geometry.