Worn handlebar lock fix

Hello Strida riders.
I’m aware that this forum topic states Advice from experienced owners on maintenance and repairs. And I am by no means an exdperienced Strida rider/mechanic. I’ve driven it maybe 10km.

Anyway, the story in short: I bought a Strida 5.2 second hand. What I thought was a bend/worn handlebar was in fact a worn handlebar locking hole on the frame.
As you may know this is not easily replaceable. While waiting for my new front tube I took a vice and bend the frame over the locking knob.
I took a photo of the result. I didn’t take a photo prior to the fix, so I drew out the procedure.
The result is a secure lock on the brass knob. The handlebar won’t ride out when driving the bike and doesn’t wobble any more when in locked position.

If you are interested, a longer description is on my tumblr blog. I didn’t want to bore you guys so read at your own risk. ^_~

One thing I should point out, bending aluminium weakens the material. There is a risk of breaking when bending. And if it breaks while driving, well, I hope you are not putting you weight on it then :slight_smile:

Hej Mactire,

thanks very much for your post and the link to your blog.
I do like your posts, the “asshole” entry is really great - you’re a funny bloke :laughing:

Don’t miss Mactires article “I’m an asshole now”!!

Aw, thanks :slight_smile:
I reread the post and took out some typos.

I review more things on that blog. More Strida related material is in queue right now, like light, lock and kickstand.