Won't stay together when folded

Hi All,

I’ve had my Strida 3 for nearly 2 years and I think it’s great. But I’d be glad of some advice re folding.

I use the standard procedure to put the wheels together then raise the bottom tube. But whenever I try to click the bottom tube into place it forces the wheels apart.

I know there is a way to increase the strength of the magnet. But it’s quite strong already and, if I increase it, it will be nigh on impossible to pry the wheels apart afterwards.

Does anyone else have this problem or a solution? At present I am leaving the bottom tube unclipped which means I have to tie a strap round the whole thing to carry it.

Regards, tenbob

The magnet force can be adjusted … it shows how on page 20 of the new Strida manual strida.nl/english/images/Man … 20Mini.pdf

This is done on the bit the magnet grips onto. I’ve found dirt etc on the magnet can also reduce its force.

Thanks for the info Human Amp. I’ve adjusted the magnet to get a reasonable compromise. But it’s not ideal. The wheels are still difficult to separate. You have to grab the tyres and lever them apart. Thanks again.

Have you tried to separate the wheels by tapping the left handle bar?
I found that whatever how strong of the magnet force, I can still separate the wheels by this trick.
You can see Mark folding and unfolding the strida easily in this video at 2:35

There is a discussion about alternative ways of un seating the magnet…
here … stridasingapore.com/forum/index. … 129.0.html
I seem to use a combination of either; tapping the LH handle bar (like Amuro), or bouncing the whole bike on the ground (on one wheel not both) or pushing apart the wheels with thumb and 1st finger - at the back (90 degree from tube).

FWIW my fastest time to unfold is 2-3 seconds (excluding pedals and handle bars - which can be done later, on the move). Anyone manage under 2 seconds ?

tenbob, the strong magnetic hubs can be hard to pull apart but they shear apart easily. A firm, quick whack on the left handle bar does the trick (i.e., striking force is perpendicular to the plane of the magnets). Sharply strike the left handle bar towards yourself while holding the unlatched downtube in your right hand (no need to lay it on the ground). Like Human Amp, when I use this method I’m down to a 2 or 3 second unfold time, not including the pedals and handle bars. My wheels have no trouble staying together when the tubes are clicked together.