Winter cycling in Vienna and Copenhagen

Hello friends,
here are some pics from Vienna:

found here:

and here a snapshot and a short video of Copenhagen:

The video is made by Mikael Colville-Andersen! (jump here:[url]Why We Shouldn't Bike with a Helmet])

…seems there are lots of bikers who are much tougher than BSA…brrrrr… :blush:


thx for the Link!

more here


Great pics! I ride my Strida in Copenhagen every day.

Snow is a huge problem since it makes its way between the belt and the freewheel.

You have to immediately stop pedaling when that happens (have cost me to belts so far to learn), otherwise the belt is cut between the freewheel and the snubber. I’ve tried higher belt tension no luck.

Luckily, it’s not too often there’s a lot of snow one the bike paths.

Otherwise, Copenhagen is a great bicycling city, so I highly recommend everybody to bring their Stida when visiting :slight_smile:

Thanks! What about freewheel? How long does it serve (km) when it is slush and snow on roads?
I’ve read that it can be easily destroyed because it is not water-resitant.

I would also like to know if your freewheel suffers a lot from these weather conditions.

Do you have knobby tires on your strida?
For some reason, I don’t trust the front wheel when the road gets slippery (automn leaves on the road :confused: ), I expect it to slip in every corner. I don’t have that feeling with a normal bike. It is maybe due to the weight distribution which puts a lot of weight on the rear wheel?

Yes, the freewheel takes a hit. I had to change it after two harsh winters.

Two winters is not bad, at least better than two weeks =)
Was the weather slushy/dirty or just clean fresh snow ?
It is very agressive road environment here in Saint-Petersburg, huge amount of sault / sand and snow is like a transporter - it carries this coctail straight to the freewheel :slight_smile: