Wilson's new Strida LT in Hong Kong

Here are the photos of the new Strida LT of Wilson, the Chairman of Hong Kong Strida Club. Many parts of it have been modified. :sunglasses:

Here are the photos of Wilson’s Birdy with similar colour pattern: :wink:

NICE !! top Bling !

Holy geez besides the frame and wheels he changed a bunch of stuff on there. Very sweet carbon fiber handle bars, guess they don’t fold anymore but it’s pretty pimped out.

No, the carbon fiber handlebars can be folded. :sunglasses:

folding carbon handlebars eh? ok looking at those few other pictures you guys really pimp out the strida, I really have to hide my bike because it’s looks sooooo stock! hahahah! You guys have colour coordination with your bikes and shoes down to a T!

Where can I get a metal front belt ring like that!!!
Really dislike the plastic one.

Might be a problem to get an aluminium belt wheel at Europe or USA…

ChainWheel replacement for Strida 5 ?

From which country you are, please?