Which model to buy for someone 160 cm and 180 cm tall?

Hello :slight_smile: -
As an aspiring Strida owner, still unsure regarding which models to buy, I am asking for advice from someone who has direct experience with Strida SX

Based on the online information the SX (including the 18" wheel size) is suitable for anyone between 153 cm and 193 cm - so it appears that both my girlfriend and I fall into the applicable range (she is 160 cm, I am 180 cm tall) and each of us can buy an SX.
However we recently visited a local bike shop where the owner stated something different - he claimed that these models are suitable only for those taller than 163 cm, and in case of purchase he needs to provide extra service at extra charges, in order to adjust the seat-hight on my girlfriend’s bike.

I found this odd since, as mentioned above, the online information states 153 cm as minimum hight. To clear up this confusion before making the purchase, I would like to know if anyone can confirm by experience:

  1. If the shop owner was right and these bikes are only suitable for those above 163 cm, or
  2. the online information is correct and the SX can be used also by someone who is 160 cm or shorter.

For safety, what I would like to ask for sure if the seat can be put at a level that she would be able to keep her both feet on the ground while still sitting on the bike.

I would also like to ask the same in more general terms: in your experience, which are the best/safest models for each of us?

Thank you in advance for reading and for your advice.

I can offer you advise from someone who is a Strida dealer and has helped many people on the Strida for the first time. First the seat mount has a high and low range adjusted by a pin screwed into the seat tube. Strida ships their bikes with this pin in the lower position and that will work for your girl friend. You may need to move the pin to the higher position for your self. There should be no need for a special adjustment.
The frame size is the same on Stridas so when the seat is moved up and down the distance to the pedals changes the same on the LT, SX or the EVO. The difference in wheel size will make it easier or more difficult to put your feet on the ground. How you pedal a bike also becomes important. For myself I pedal with my foot bent so I need the seat higher for my leg length than a person who pedals more flat footed. Because of how I pedal when I have the seat high enough for the correct leg extension I can only get my toes on the ground with 18 inch wheels, this is not a problem for me after I became comfortable riding a Strida. I am about 175 cm. I have seen conflicting information printed on sizing here is a link to Stridas page on the SX, http://strida.com/en/products/?method=detail&aid=199 it states 145 to 193, the same size as the LT model with 16 inch wheels.
I have just sold an EVO with 18 inch wheels to a person about 155 cm tall, she wanted the 18 inch wheels because of the better ride on rough pavement after she tried both the 16 and the 18. She has no problem riding the 18 inch wheels and the bike did not need any special adjustment.
I hope this helps and please ask more questions if needed,
Bill Wilby stridacanada.ca

Hello bikedreams,

welcome at Stridaforum :smiley:

Sadly, the online information about the suitable rider’s heights cannot be taken seriously, I’ll try to explain why:

  1. This information is for 16" and 18" wheels equal - that cannot be.
    There must be a difference of around one inch (2,54 cm), because the radius (equal to the distance between the axle and the rim’s edge) of the 16" wheel is one inch less than that of an 18" wheel.

  2. I wrote at point 1 “around”, because there is also a difference in the tyre width (and therefore the tyre height).
    18" tyres are usually 1,25" (Schwalbe Kojak, Panaracer Minits Lite) or 1,35" (Schwalbe Marathon, Innova) wide,
    in contrast are 16" tyres 1,5" wide - that’s not much, but it should be recognized.

  3. The third difference can be found inside of the seat moldings,
    surprisingly does the QR seat manual mention the same range like the standard seat molding - I’m sure that’s impossible, too.
    We’ve below a standard and a quick release seat molding half, the arrows mark the topmost (green) and lowest (red) position of the seat pin…
    (Please imagine the seat pin on QRS as the blue line.)

The 163 cm claim is obviously from Vanmoof:

Ah, excuse me, what? :open_mouth:
Your dealer would sell you two Stridas and he wants extra charge for the adjusting of the saddle height?
That’s an outstanding customer service, hmm? :confused:

Standard seat molding adjustment, short version:

  1. Unmount saddle
  2. Release 3 hex bolts (in case of rear carrier 4) and remove seat molding
  3. Change seat pin position
  4. Undo points 1. and 2.
    (I bet I can do that within ten minutes, and I’m just a customer…)

I’ve asked my friend Mike, accidentally folding bike dealer http://www.dasfaltrad.at/, about his opinion, he told me:
“I’d never charge a customer for such minor adjustment if I sold her(him) the bike, regardless of the date of purchase.
Of course, if (s)he bought the bike elsewhere, (s)he will be charged.”

That’s contrary, I’d say - trust Bill :slight_smile:

I think to know who’s your dealer, as I do not want to offend somebody here, would you please answer your private mail?

Furthermore, maybe it’s helpful to measure the inseam length of your better half?

Finally, 18" wheels, 1,35" tyres, QRS molding in lowest position and a ruler:

1024x768 pics are in this album.

Those are great photos and explanation Blackstridaaustria, I do view your first point a little differently though,

The different size of wheels will make a difference as to the distance from the saddle to the ground but it does not make a difference in the distance from the saddle to the pedals and hence the riders leg extension. I think Strida use the same numbers for the two wheel sizes because they are only considering leg extension and not the height of the saddle from the ground. Do you think this might be possible? Also you are right about a dealer adjusting the seat, I always try to adjust the seat before I let someone ride a Strida for the first time, because you don’t get a second chance with someones first impressions.
Bill Wilby stridacanada.ca

Sorry Bill, overlooked your question…

Yes, you might be right, besides of that it seems that Ming is not that pedantic like some of us are… :mrgreen:

Hello Bill and Blackstridaaustria,

I apologise for the delay in my response and wish to start with a big thank you for your warm welcome and for your very kind replies.

Bill: thank you for providing such a wealth of expert information. I only wish we were located near your shop - then it would be simple: we would just try out and buy the bikes from you.

Blackstridaaustria: thank you as well for your insights and for adding the brilliant images.
I agree with you, the dealer has been below par on several counts, and in fact it was his less than helpful attitude why we got stuck with our plans.
Your reply made me realise that probably the simplest way to answer the question would be to get the lowest possible length between the seat level and ground for each model - in our case the SX.

Here I will add some more info to explain why it is hard to make a decision at this point.
We are located in Europe/Belgium, which implies the following:

  1. As everywhere, the best prices and widest (least narrow) selection of Strida models are available through online shops, but when purchasing through them we can’t try out these models, yet, once we buy and assemble a bike we can’t return it.

  2. Due to problems under 1 we were looking into a local shop, but here even the closest dealer offering Strida is located in another country: Netherlands - (ie the “local” shop I referred to) and there we couldn’t even try the model we would like to buy (SX). There was only a MAS as a show model, and that only with the higher seat position, which I tried to ride and was okay for me, but the dealer was unable (or unwilling?) to adjust the seat to the lower position - this is why my girlfriend could not try it.
    Therefore the purchase from the “local” shop does not offer the chance for both of us to make sure it is the right model before buying it - hence my need for the most precise information.

We asked the same questions from online shops - they seem to be unable to even understand why we ask these questions, instead of answering they keep directing our attention to the same FAQs.

Indeed, it is possible, great point! Therefore, to narrow down the problem to this question: what exactly is the lowest possible length between the seat level and the ground for the SX model for both wheel sizes? If we would know the answer for sure, it would be an immense help.

Again - thank you so much for all your help - I very much appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Hi bikedreams,

of course, I do understand your problem.
You are not accidentally planning a trip to Vienna in the near future?

The pictures above show the lowest possible length with 18" wheels; it’s 82 cm.
If you would use 16" wheels it would be around 80 cm (~ one inch less).
(I assume here that the SX is equipped with the QR System.)

Please don’t compare the inseam length directly with the seat height, as an example my own dimensions:
I’m 1,89 m tall, my inseam length is ~ 0,95 m - but my saddle height (vertically to ground) is adjusted usually to 1,03 m, which is very comfortable for me. I can’t reach the ground with the heels, but with toes and foot ball.
Don’t forget to add the sole of your (her) shoes!

It’s not recommendable to adjust the seat that low that the whole sole can reach the ground, the distance from pedals to seat would be to short (and the angle of the knees too spiky for proper pedaling).

I’ve just asked my dear Taiwanese friend, she’s 1,66 m and - what else - Strida rider,
she meant 1,55 m should not be a problem.

Is there no alternative dealer in Belgium?

Your Strida was from Vanmoof, correct?

Hi Bikedreams and Chris, I measured the height today of an EVO 16 and EVO 18 with Q/R seat mount. 16 inch 79cm 31 in. 18 in. 81.5cm and 32 inch. I did take photos,
I also don’t think you should compare inseam with seat height. There are not many bikes you can sit on the saddle and have your feet on the ground. My inseam in 82 cm but I like the seat at 97 cm and can only put my toes on the ground. I have had many short people try the Strida LT, one was an eleven year old and I have never set the set all the way to the bottom. Also at the lowermost setting with the Q/R seat mount, which I think is the same as the standard mount, the rear rack will not clamp on to the frame because the frame is bent at that point.

cheers Bill stridacanada.ca

Hi Bikedreams,

I’m from Belgium as well (living in Namur, working in St Truiden).

I bought my Strida LT from the online shop http://www.fietskopen.be/nl/fietsen/vouwfiets-kopen. They have physical shops located in Aarschot & in Ardooie.
Their prices are very competitive (LT: 578 €, SX: 600€, MAS: 799€), which motivated me to buy there. When I bought mine, they mentioned they had some Strida bikes in their shop for trial.

I would personally advise you to buy the MAS as they seem to still have it in stock and at a reasonable price. It will allow you to go faster than the SX but still have good climbing abilities (see here: [url]My Strida LT with SD is a good climber]). It is a much cheaper alternative than the heavy EVO and than a Schlumpf Speed Drive retrofit. The MAS has 16" wheels which might better suit your girlfriend.

You can contact me by PM if you wish, I speak both french & flemish. A test of my bike is possible.


I think it must be different, however - I’ll verify that asap :wink:

@Bietrume: Could you please tell me if fietskopen does also ship to Austria?


As far as I can see on their website, Fietskopen only supplies their bikes to Belgium.

Thank you Bietrume,
what a pity that they don’t, their prices are looking good!

I will nevertheles ask them through their contact form, just to be sure.

Sorry to hijack this thread after all those years, but I think my question is related to it.

Do you think I can put the saddle on this Strida LT higher? See picture here:

Or is it already in the highest position?

Thanks, Guy (Belgium)

In the highest position it is possible that seat molding and brake hose protecting spring touch each other - so you’re far away from the highest.
Most likely will the seat pin of your bike sit in its lower position.

Edit: Look at page 8 of the manual :wink:

Done - Thanks again for your help!

The person height is not the issue it’s your leg lenght. I’m am 5 ft 2 in but very short legs. I the dealer did a specail seat post for me however when in that low of a position your legs are not streight out not down for pushing. That does not work. YOu are pushing yourself off the back of the bike and pulling on the handles.

I did love it. Flat city use but it was not safe for me and the peddle postion was very unconfortable. I road it 4 times and gave up. I have the 3 speed.