Which model should I buy?

Hello good people of the Strida forum.

I need your advice on which Strida might be best for me. I cycle to work each day in all weathers around 2.5 miles each way (central London). My route is basically flat, only going over Westminster Bridge is the high point. Some times I might have a journey of around 5 miles each way and again fairly flat.

At moment I have a pinnacle hybrid and only really use two gear selections (setting off and getting going). I need to free up space in my flat (apartment), hence the decision to buy a Strada.

I tested a STRIDA LT the other day and enjoyed the experience greatly. I did find that once I got going it was a bit too slow for me. I’ve arranged to test a STRIDA SX which has the larger wheels so this of course will help with top speed but I’m really tempted by the idea of having two gears like on the MAS EDITION. I don’t think the shop I went to will get one in just for me to test hence my request for help here.

It’s nice to have the choice of gears, especially if it’s a bit bit windy, or I’m still tired from football the previous day etc etc.

So, should I get

an SX which has the bigger wheels (can you modify it to add the two gear system and if so how much would it cost); or

should I go for the MAS, which has the gears and the smaller wheels (can these not be changed for the bigger ones?).

Can you also give any advice about security. I won’t always be possible to take it with me indoors when out and about so what lock would you recommend?

Are any of the little bags worth using, seat bag or basket bag, do they get in the way when folding the bike?

Is the car/boat carry bag useful for sneaking the bike in to places (shops etc) that would give you hassle with the bike uncovered? Does this bag fold up small enough to fit in the basket bag?

Well that lots of questions. About the only thing I haven’t asked is if someone could but it for me!!!

Thanks for your help.


Hello PeterG,

welcome to the Stridaforum!

The MAS ATS speed drive (originally supplied by Ming) is much cheaper than a later upgrade to the Schlumpf speed drive!

Has anyone retrofitted a schlumpf on their strida?

18" Wheel Upgrade: not that easy…

18" wheels

I would not leave her alone (“her” according to Vanmoof)

forum search (upper right) “bag”

Bag for Strida SX?

One of the three (?) bags can be folded to fit the carrier - if you’re good in Origami!

Best regards


Hi Peter,
I used my Strida (Mk3) in London for the first time last week and found it ideal for getting around. Very light and manoeverable and with good visibility. Much as I’d like a MAS edition for the lower and higher gears they are very dear!
For the short distances you mention a single speed would probably suffice. I find the gear ratio on mine sufficiently low to tackle gentle hills and headwinds, it’s only going fast on the flat where perhaps a higher gear would be desirable. For only 2.5 miles I could live with one speed.

I had no problem taking the folded bike onto the underground, into bars and an art gallery so I suspect you don’t really need a bag to put the bike in.

For luggage I just strap a small rucksack onto the rack with bungee cords.

One of the biggest advantages I can see is the ease with which a punctured tube can be quickly replaced without the need to remove a wheel (this of course applies no matter which model you choose).

Regarding locking it the recommended way is to fold it and put the lock through the wheels (when folded the axle bolt heads are inaccessable). However, I’d still be worried about the risk of vandalism. I’d advise keeping it with you whenever possible.
When choosing a lock I’d suggest looking at You Tube as there are a number of videos showing how some supposedly secure locks are ridiculously easy to open/pick…



Hi to All,

I have the same query with Peter here.

I need your help to decide that will be the best buy for me. I’m between 18” (i.e. STRiDA SX) or 16” equipped with 2 speeds (STRiDA SD or MAS). Here my problem is not the cost or a better locking/equipped bike but is an actual practicality issue.

My daily route mainly consists of flats but with some short steep hills too :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face: .

Please let me have your suggestions.


Hi Yannis,

If the problem is not the cost, just go for an SD or MAS if you don’t mind it is a bit heavier. :wink:



Hello Yannis,

Agree fully to Amuro.

If you want to, you might switch to the 18" SX wheelset later (for ~170 €).
The “upgrade” of a single speed Strida to a two speed drive is more difficult and much more expensive.

Two different wheel sets (if you are willing and able to change them once per season) would also have the advantage of more tyre choice, for example:

18" Schwalbe Kojak 18x1,25 at 8,0 bar
(hard like concrete - no profile - incredible fast - higher gear ratio)

16" Schwalbe Marathon 16x1,75 at 4,5 bar
(soft - profiled - slower, but lower gear ratio)



Many thanks for your feedback.

As I can see the 2-seed model performs better on steep hills compared to 18” wheels.

I’m wondering why not all Strida models like the STRiDA SD are available in European dialers.

It seems that they only import a small fraction of the models compared to what is available on “Strida.com”. That a pity, since Strida offers a very good variety of colours too which I really like buy.

How could I get the model and colour that are not available in Europe??


I’m afraid there would be high shipping costs (for a whole bike) from Asia to your home?

May I ask, from where you are and what exactly you are looking for?

Thanks for your prompt reply.
My location is Athens in Greece and I’m looking for STRiDA SD in cream with ST-SDL-003 saddle.

Oh, a gourmet…

Sorry, I couldn’t find a cream SD, neither at HKStridaForum nor at the usual european dealers.

However, you might ask G.U.M..


Dear All,

It has been 2,5 fantastic months since I got my strida Mas.
This bike really makes my day. Have been riding everyday to and from work which is about 3,5Km each way. It gives a smile not only to me but to all those “staring” at me with this strangely beautiful looking bike. I also see some jealous phases, other commuters with standard type folding bikes, in the train as their bulky bikes keeps them standing next to them while I seating with my folded strida between my legs.
My two-speed strida is really a saver. I can easily do steep uphill with the low gear and go fast enough with the second gear. Thank you guys for your suggestion.
I’m so addicted to my strida that I use it even when I go out for a drink with my friends.


Hi Yannis,

It’s glad that you enjoy riding your 2-speed Strida MAS. Happy ▲ 'ing! :mrgreen:


Hello Yannis,

…and we’re happy that you did not forget us!

Have a safe ride! :sunglasses:

Salute to Hellas,


If you can show us some pics of your new ride in their usual settings. :slight_smile: