Which model is this?

Can anyone help me identify which model this strida is?

Hi Golfkit,

in principle, the shown Strida could be also a, initially 18" wheeled, Strida “SX” or a “5.xx” which was retrofitted with the 16 inch plastic wheels.
If it’s in original condition, I’d say that’s a “LT” version without mudguards and carrier - the LT and SX series were released in 2009, as you can verify here:

Strida LT (2012 frame)

Strida LT (2013 frame)

Image source: Strida Canada West

Any special question?

Weird thing about Strida is that when you change the wheel set it becomes a different model.

I bought a 2nd hand SX and downgraded the wheels to 16" spoked wheels and now the SX became a 5.2 model.

I would suggest a different model identification similar to that of the Brompton to immediately know the specs of the bike

Handle Bar Type
S = Straight
B = Bended
M = Moustache

Drive Train
1 = Single Speed
2 = SD
3 = EVO

Wheel Size
14S = 14" Spoked
16P = 16" Plastic
16S = 16" Spoked
18 = 18"

Handlebar Type + Drive Train + Wheel Size

So when asked what’s your strida model I’d say

S1-14S = Mini
S1-16S = 5.2
S1-16P = LT
S1-18 = SX
S2-16S = SD with 16" spoked wheels
S2-16P = SD with 16" plastic wheels
S2-18 = SD with 18" wheels
S3-16S = EVO with 16" spoked wheels
S3-16P = EVO with 16" plastic wheels
S3-18 = EVO with 18" wheels