Where's an American to buy tires?

Bringing my Strida 5 SX inside today, I heard an ominous hissing sound coming from my front tire. Looks like I’ve finally had a flat, and I never got around to picking up any spares. The Strida Europe store won’t ship to the US, and the American Strida dealer website doesn’t seem to list them at all.

So I need the 18" Schwalbe Kojak tires, and inner tubes. I’ve come across dotbike.com/, who look like they’ll ship to the US, but are there any other options? Thanks.

Did you try here?

Schwalbe North America Dealer Locator


These guys are located in Florida.

just make sure you keep it 1.35" and under only! I would prefer the marathon plus. Kojaks don’t work well on my crappy streets here.

If you do take the 1.5" marathons you will have to remove the fenders AND tweak the spokes a bit to move the rim further out. Just a bit. But it’s doable cause I’ve done it before, but cannot ride without a fender for a daily commuter.

Thanks. I’ll try the Marathon Plus out for a change of pace. Have you had any experience with Every Bicycle Tire? Their reputation looks to be all over the place. I’m requesting a quote from them to see how long it will take them to deliver.

I have never dealt with them before, usually I just get my strida tires from a local shop here that deals with recumbents so they would actually carry weird 16" and 18" size tires and tubes.

Yeah, it looks like my local Schwalbe dealer here in Maryland can have them in by the end of next week. This was an interesting experience – it’s been a while since there was something I couldn’t find easily on the Internet.

Maybe you’re looking for a new challenge?
Is there any American shop who would ship these tyres to Europe?

MAXXIS Hookworm, 16" x 1,95 (ETRTO 53 - 305)