Where to sell my Strida SX?

Dear Strida Forum Members,
I have a barely-ridden SX that I would like to sell - it was an unwanted gift from a couple of years ago.
I would be very grateful if anyone could advise me on the best place to sell it.
Are there any folding bike specialist retailers that will buy 2nd hand Stridas or is eBay my best bet?

Best regards


Well, the world is big, but I suppose you don’t live anywhere near one of the large Strida clubs. So Ebay should be a good idea…


Thanks for the reply Tom.
I live near Stevenage in Herts - does this make me close to any of the big Strida clubs?

Also, according to the website the SX ships with Schwalbe Kojak tyres but my model has Kenda Kwest tyres - are these comparable?



UK, near London? I am afraid not, they are in Asia.

The tire is strange. You’re sure that it is a SX with 18" wheels? The 16" wheels were shipped with Kenda Kwest tires. I can’t find a 18" version anywhere.


Two types of tyres are used on 18" wheeled Stridas. They are Innova 18 x 1.35 tyres and Schwalbe Kojak 18 x 1.25 tyres.

Kenda Kwest 16 x 1.50/1.25 tyres were used on 16" wheeled Stridas but they have been replaced by Gumonder 16 x 1.50 100psi tyres recently.

Yes - you’re right. My mistake - wheels are 16", tyres are Kwenda Kwest 16 x 1.5

Guess that means its a Strida 5.0 right?


If the bike has plastic BB moulding and drum brakes, it is a Strida 3.x

If the bike has welded BB mounting, disc brakes and alloy wheels, it is a Strida 5.x

If the bike has welded BB mounting, disc brakes and plastic wheels, it is a Strida LT